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No Risk

Is this a risky situation

My finger was cut slightly from a very sharp paper cutter blade which was used by another person abut five seconds after it was handed over to me. I could see a cut which was about 2 millimeters long on the skin on the palm side of the finger(White color skin where the fingerprints are. Please excuse my inability to find the correct English word for the place). I could feel the cut but the blood did not come out. I think the blade went deep and that's why I could feet that I was cut.
I do not know if there was blood form the other person was on the blade. I did not see any red spot under the fluorescent light , but if his cut was also small, the blood on the blade not be visible.
Is there a slightest chance for me to contract HIV if the other person who used the blade was an AIDS infected person?

hep c from licking a scab

I asked this same question about my baby sucking on a friends finger and noticed a scab, about if hiv was possible to transmit that way. Now I'm wondering if it would be possible for my baby to have caught hep c that way? The scab was not bleeding and I doubt my baby had any cuts in her mouth. Do you think I have anything to worrt about with hep c or hiv. Please be specific on the reasons as that's how I process things. Thanks so much, need to alleviate some stress.

Am i at RISk..? Please help!!!

Dear Sir,

Im a male from INDIA, visited a sex worker on 28.10.2013.I do not know her HIV status. As soon as i went in she asked me to get nude and she also got nude. After this she switched of the lights. We did not have Vaginal, Anal or oral sex. I was playing with her boobs and hugging. I did not even lip kiss her. i saw her vagina, but did not penetrate. I had loads of Precum on that day. i am 100% sure...there was no penetration.
My question is:
Is there any chance of my precum touching her vagina accidentally.....and thus putting myself in risk.
Or is the previous man she hooked had left his seemen on her body and what if my precum has got in contact with that? I am sure she din hook anybody half hour before she touched me.

Kindly someone answer please....very very anxious.

hiv risk

yesterday I was travelling . During travel, I met one guy He smoked half ciggerate and he gave to me. I smoked rest of the ciggerate. That guy was kind of junky. he seems to be regular weed smoker. suppose that guy is hiv infected. After smoking half cigarette l soo blood on bud of the cigarette giving . if that blood on cigarette bud touches my dry and chapped lips or open cut on lip, or bit bleeding lips I am at risk of getting infected with HIV ? My lower lip is dry and chopped since long time . Last week my lower lip was bleeding. I have bleeding gum problem since long time. I do not have good oral hygiene. I am broken from inside. I have 48 hours in hand to go for PEP. What do you think? should I go for PEP? please advice me! save my life!

Is this a risk?

I was giving a medication with a needleless syringe through a saline lock. When I attached the syringe to the saline lock, it slipped and rubbed/scraped against my finger. It
did not cut me and I was not bleeding. I could not see any blood on the syringe or in the saline lock. If there was a small cut or a small amount of blood I couldn't see, is this a risk? Would it have to be a deep cut? Would I have to be bleeding? Again, I was not bleeding.

test after 6 weeks and 3 days

hi! i recieved a handjob (i don't know if there was blood on her hands) 8 weeks ago..i did a 4th gen test after 45 days...am i ok or should i be restested after 12 weeks? thx

hiv risk


Will you please let me know if I was exposed to an HIV risk?

I had an encounter with a lady recently. Before intimacy, I asked her if she had HIV or any other STDs. She repeated assured me that she did not have anything. For safety measure, I did not kiss her on the lips or the mouth area. In addition, we only masturbated in front of each other. However, while I was masturbating near her genial area, I felt that my legs were getting moist from her secretions. I'm unsure if any of her secretions would have been on my penis while we masturbated together. Her hand which touched her genital area did touch my penis briefly.

I am an uncircumcised male and have been very careful. I just want to make sure that this has not put me at risk that I didn't intend to be in.

Thank you

Toilet - desperate please help

I used a really dirty bathroom on a drunken night in a bar in East Asia and i just want some help easing my anxiety. I know it is extremely unlikely to catch HIV from a toilet, but i have a few questions. In a worst case scenario where i accidentally used toilet paper with fresh blood to wipe my vagina would that be a risk? Would toilet paper be considered as making contact with the inside of the vagina in this case or is it more like frottage since wiping only touches the opening at most? Also, if my gstring came into contact with blood on the toilet could the blood then infect me through the anus when i put it back on or is this again not considered inside the body? Please help.

hiv from licking a scab?

Having anxiety. My baby girl was being held by a family friend and she started sucking on his fingers. And I noticed a scab on his finger. If she happened to lick the scab and he had hiv. Could it be transmitted this way?

Wet laundry

I had to do my laundry on the floor with the osd students. Most of them have a physical handicap. One girl asked me to put her wet clothes in the dryer and I did. She had underwear and stuff so now I'm worried that what if I picked up a std or hiv from touching her wet clothes. What if I had a small cut on my hand or cuts? I keep washing my hands out of fear.


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