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No Risk

Letting someone swallow your cum

My question is whether one can get hiv from letting an infected person swallow his cum.

I am completely freaking out!

Hi, I am hoping that you can ease my fear. The incidents were as follows. I engaged in mutual masturbation with a male who I did not know. He ejaculated on my penis at the same time I was masturbating, so essentially I was using his semen as lube immediately. I understand non-insertive masturbation is not a risk, but even under this scenario? I also received oral sex from him, but I did not ejaculate. I know you say that this is a negligible risk, meaning no one has ever been confirmed has having been infected this way. So am I correct that I wouldn't need to test for receiving oral sex. The last incident was one where I also thought I was being safe, but now I am not sure. I was a sex arcade and was touching a man I didn't know. I sort of lick the side of his penis (but not the tip of his penis )for a few seconds, I did not insert his penis into my mouth (ie his head etc.) There was no semen or pre cum that I could tell. Would you consider this as non insertive oral sex? I would think that if there was any fluids on the shaft of his penis then they would have been rendered inactive from the air etc.? I am very scared that I have put myself at risk. I know you say oral sex is low risk, but given that no fluids were involved (definitely not semen and no precum from what I could tell) and I did not insert his penis in my mouth. I also didn't have any stds or sores etc in my mouth. would this still be a low risk? Are the only cases involving people with STD's in their mouth? Also I read there were only a few confirmed cases (ie 3) Is this the only basis for the low risk assessment. It seems like 3 cases out of 30 years of this epidemic would mean it is extremely extremely rare. I know you get a lot of these questions, but I am very scared and anxious that I cannot function. The more specifics you can give me as to my risk, the better. Thank you very much for your time.

OCD social phobia HIV fear

Hi, i am going crazy with my mind. I suffer from OCD, obsessive thoughts and it seems that my imagination is unlimited. Here is my problem - about 9-10 years ago (I am f***ed up, I know) i was on a party, while I was going to get a drink or something I've notices a fresh cut that was seriously bleeding (finger). It was not a needle wound, more like a cut , later after cleaning the blood I saw a small cut - about 5-6 mm. Dont know what caused it, I don't remember the moment I got it, all I can remember is that i was standing outside as I left waiting for a cab and blood was literally dripping out of my hand to the sidewalk.

My mind is going crazy, and after such a long time is giving me a hard time. Is there anything I should be worried ? Is it a good thing that after getting cut (accidently or by someone) the wound cleaned itself by all the blood that was being flushed out ?

I am really going paranoid and OCD over it, as my mind gets easily occupied with thoughts of getting something nasty ... and after years I still cant get over this things ... fear of touchnig someone with cuts on hands, going to the dentist and so on ...

sorry for all grammar mistakes as this is not my native language ...

cheers ...

mutual mastrubation and handjobs are NO RISK OR LOW RISK

mutual mastrubation and handjobs are NO RISK OR LOW RISK..

My dog licked blood and later licked me in the mouth

Hi, two months ago I was taking the dog for a walk in the evening and he licked a spot of fresh looking blood on the street. Later, during the night (two or three hours later), while I was sleeping, he licked me on the lips. I didn´t pay attention to it, I rubbed my hand against my lips, then, unconsciously touched my lips with my own tongue and continued to sleep. The next day, I got really alarmed. I wonder if I could have become infected with hiv in this way. I´ve done two tests on week 6 and week 7, both negative. Please I need your answer for some peace of mind. Thanks a lot for your help.

Hiv risk

What if a CSW sucks on my nipples for a min, cant hiv penetrate through holes in nipples?? Do men nipples have holes?

HIV transmission from wet towel and scratched skin

Hi, Thanks for the great service you provide. I am really concerned as I was at a busy sauna today. After a few hours, not even thinking, I noticed a mark on the side of my thigh and took the wet towel I had been sitting on and rubbed the mark quite hard to get it off. The area became very red and was stinging. I then went and sat in the plunge pool and it still stung. I am worried as the wet towel may have come into contact with semen or body fluid from the bench I was sitting on. Do I have any risk? Should I get tested?

Hand jop, Sore throat

Hi. One week ago I had a hand jop in a massage place by a Chinese girl with a massage oil,

After exactly one week I start feeling some pain in my throat, now 5 days gone and i still have it. Also sometimes my nose is running very little,

For what I described, is there any hiv risk?


Hi. Your answer

The situation you have described poses no risk for the transmission of HIV and you cannot get HIV from drinking or eating anything contaminated with bodily fluids that may contain HIV.

In health,

Eric what I am trying to confirm is that when you say contaminated bodily fluids that may contain HIV in drinks or food have zero risk for transmission of HIV that these bodily fluids include blood in the drink? That's all I am losing to clarify. So if blood in drink zero risk correct?


Hi, I had a food home delivered and I kept the food in refrigerator for almost over night and next day i heated the same food in microware for 1 min and eaten it. However when i was eating I noticed red color on few parts of my food and not sure if its blood or something else. What if there was a blood infected with HIV or any other STDs and since I have eaten the same food, do I get infected with HIV or any other STD diseases? Do I need testing for HIV or any other STDs?



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