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HIV transmission through clothes

First of all I will say sorry a lot for disturbing u again and sorry if a stupid question
My post was
I had an experience of rubbing my penis with anus of someone . He sat on my wet penis(circumcised) with my clothes were on (cotton trousers,No underwear)and he was naked. He tried to get my penis in by rubbing in between his butts but it never got in(at least I feel so as ) and was rubbed only , he did not even touch the penis by hand in mean time i ejaculated . if his anus was wet and my penis rubbed against it what are my chances to get HIV and later on I have fever twice in two months ...... I am much worried about that Please help me ,
I just want to ask is it possible for me in the above scenario to get penetration that is enough for hiv to transfer without my knowledge as it must have touched the area just beneath the ass hole during rubbing ......
I have listened penetration through sphincter is required which is 2 to 3 cm ahead Plz last reply from u ..... My last post on this issue


Dear all

After reciving an handjob with condom, the woman took of the condom an cleaned my penis. My fear: can I infekted with HIV when she would have a little cut with blood on the hand during taking off the condom and clean my penis.

Thank you so much

Re: Transmission Route?

Hello experts,

Truly thanks a lot for your professional reply previously!

Here is my original post:


I write back because baby has developed numerous small red very itchy rash (pimple-like but a lot) all over his body including back, chest and shoulder 3 weeks after the kitchen incident. It lasted for 2 days and got better after applying hydrocortisone cream as suggested by his doctor. And he also got bad running nose and cough for weeks but no fever so far. His doctor guessed the rash may be some form of allergy. Could it be ARS rash?

Are baby's minor wounds from eczema and scratches risky for contracting HIV from the babysitter if she happened to have cuts on her hand from time to time? Should I get him tested? Really very worried every time some symptoms appeared.

Thanks a lot for your help!!


I know there is a lot of misinformation on the net about testing. But some sites say that you need to test at six months and again six months after that because the HIV virus can lay dormant. I hope that is not true. I tested at five months ,then six months after that and then six months after that again all negative. However, I have many of the so called hiv signs and symptoms. I pray that the virus is not still dormant.

Washing up


This may seem like a silly question but I'll ask anyway.

Recently I had a low risk exposure with a needle stick on the street. Anyway I tested negative at 5-6 weeks via a duo test and I'm awaiting to have my 12 week test. I know my test right now is roughly 95% accurate and a good indicator that I'm negative but I'm still being cautious.

I was recently washing the dishes when I cut myself during. So I cleaned myself up, put in a latex washing glove and drained the water, filled the sink up again and rewashed all the dishes.

Would there have been any risk to my family through the dishes if I was actually infected with HIV? I ask as I washed up my baby sons bottles.

I did wash everything a second time with soapy hot water.

GYM Exposure

Hello, not sure if this is a stupid question but here it goes............I worked out today, and was getting on the bench press. After sitting on the bench, I felt wet in the anus area, and thus, obviously something was on the bench..............I know sweat does not cause HIV, but what if it was one of the HIV fluids,(blood, sperm etc) that does, and I sat on it, and it went into my anus hole, right after someone left it there, like seconds............can I get HIV this way or would somebody actually have to penetrate as anus hole then displace fluid inside? Is this a possible way to get HIV? I skipped my workout and drove home to shower, as I was worried what if, what if..............

Please let me know why and in detail if possible so I know? Thanks so much

Blood on Froyo Spoon


I went to a newly launched Froyo place recently and had a pretty horrifying experience. My girlfriend and i were the only customers at that point of time and the dude handed me a plastic spoon to try out a some new flavour. Just as i dipped the spoon in to some froyo and put it into my mouth, i noticed something red on the spoon but didn't pay heed to it. Then while at the cash counter i realized that the guy had a cut on his fingers and was bleeding. It then struck me that some of the blood from his fingers went on to the spoon and which then almost immediately into my mouth.

I know HIV is fragile but there was barely any gap between him handing me the spoon to me dipping it in yogurt and placing it in my mouth. That's what's freaking me out the most!!

I am cursing myself for being so absent minded and not having been more observant. I do not know the guys HIV status but am fearing the worst.

1) Is the mouth a possible entry point for HIV transmission?
2) Am i at risk for HIV transmission from this incident in case the guy who bled on the spoon was HIV positive?
3) How much bodily fluid needs to generally be transmitted to pose a transmission risk?

hiv transmission

i had a haircut today and the blade that was used wasn't new, it was a used one and i got a cut from it, are there any risks of hiv or any other disease please mention if any.

Spit on my penis

Hi a massage worker spat on my penis for lubrication. is this a risk for HIV?


Can hiv antibodies remain undetectable over a year with a rapid blood testat a poc clinic?


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