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Mad Man at the Mall!


I had an absolutely horrifying experience in the restroom of a mall i went to today. Please excuse the long message. Please please help me out cause i am really scared out of my mind and am a family man who has not had any other exposure to HIV.

Today, during a visit to the local mall i went to the washroom to wash my eyes as they were burning a bit. I thought i was alone and was rinsing my face and eyes when i suddenly felt a drop of liquid hit me on my face right at the edge of my lips. I noticed a man with his penis out and flailing it about. I believe he had come out of one of the stalls and i did not notice. I reported him to the mall authorities and they assured me appropriate action would be taken.

However, what scares me is this. I don't know what the liquid that hit me right on the edge of my lips was. It could be anything (blood, semen, urine or maybe just water) but I am worried that in all likeliness it was semen or blood. As i was rinsing my face at the time my mouth was partially open. It is very likely that some drops (2 or 3) could have fallen in to my open mouth. I rinsed my face over and over again with water and also rinsed my mouth with water. But i have read that HIV is not killed by water. I did not have any open cuts in my mouth or face.

In your opinion what is my potential transmission risk? When can i get tested to have peace of mind? Please help me as even my wife is worried sick!! :(

HIV from eczemous skin

Someone of unknown HIV status (has unprotected sex, often) and had eczema on the back of the legs sat on me. I believe I had a wound on my knee that may or may not have been slightly bleeding at the time. What are the odds of contracting HIV if the person was ifected, and their eczema was bleeding?


Blood on my toothbrush!!


Please excuse me if this question sounds silly but i would really appreciate it if you could answer my query.

My new partner (who happens to be HIV+) got a nasty cut on his finger one morning and some of the blood from his finger rubbed off on to my thumb. Absentmindedly i went about my routine and proceeded to go brush my teeth. As is my usual habit i was rinsing my toothbrush under the tap while also rubbing my thumb on the bristles of the toothbrush. Both my toothbrush and my thumb came in contact with the water from the tap. Then i proceeded to brush my teeth as usual. I realized my mistake only after it was too late. I am afraid that some of the blood from my thumb got on to the brush and did not get rinsed away by the water and went in to my mouth.

Am i at risk from this situation? Is it worth getting tested?

HIV through kissing

I'm worried about the risk of HIV through kissing.
It was a kiss with person whom HIV status is unknown for me.
I know that HIV doesn't spread through saliva, but I had a small wound on my lips.
I haven't seen any wounds on that person's lips, but I'm worried that there might have been some in their mouth (as I couldn't see what's inside).
After that kiss I soaked a paper towel in cold water and pressed it very heavily to my wound. I'm worried that it wasn't good idea to do so because in this way I could "push" some that person's saliva (potentially mixed with their blood) to the wound. After that I found a very small light red dot (a blood from my wound) on the paper towel. Seems that there wasn't any other blood on that paper towel, only mine, but I'm still afraid that it could be, but it wasn't visible because it was mixed with saliva.
I have a few questions:
1. What's the risk of being infected HIV in such situation?
2. I've read that there were a few documented cases of catching HIV through kissing. What's the amount of HIV infected blood needed to catch HIV in such situation? How big should be a wound in order for HIV infected blood to get to bloodstream?
3. Do I need to do a HIV test in the situation which I've described?

Touching and rubbing penile shaft and urethera with vaginal fluid on fingers

Dear team,

I had protected sex with csw. Immediately after pulling out (within 5 seconds), I removed the condom. Some vaginal fluid stuck to my fingers. I cleaned my penile shaft and urethra with the same fingers(barely 30 seconds after). I am not circumcised.

1. The foreskin is a mucous membrane, correct? And I have read here on this forum that HIV takes seconds to minutes to die. I touched my penis barely 15 seconds after pulling out of her vagina. I had no visible cuts on my foreskin. Dr. Bob says that there need not be a cut on a mucous membrane like the foreskin and it can directly any viruses.Was I at risk. Please take into account that it did not take minutes. All this happened within seconds when the virus may have been active. Please advise if I was at risk.

Please advise me on potential risks and whether I need to test

I recently have had a couple encounters with CSWs. All protected vaginal and oral sex.
However some things happened during the events that got me worried about possible transmission.
1) I was masturbating and she grinded her vulva on my scrotum and half of my shaft - am worried some vaginal fluid could've come into contact with my urethra.
2) I had a small fissure in my groin and a cut on the other side of my groin that had a drop of blood when I got home to shower again - am worried that vaginal fluid came into contact with these as there was plenty of fluid on my pubis.
3) the lady used the same tissue when wiping off both of our fluids on my penis - again worried that vaginal fluid came into contact with my urethra.

I also have 2 questions I'm curious about
1) does water kill hiv in bodily fluids like semen, vaginal and blood?
2) is 50 minutes exposure to air in the same fluids enough time for the virus to die?

Thank you for answering my questions and educating me.

can i get hiv by unprotected oral sex and penis rubbing on my vagina?

Hi there.
I'm 21 male. Well around 2 week back from now I had normal casual encounter with another male. We initially started kissing each other and later he went down kissing towards my penis and performed oral sex on my penis without a condom. Later he went to the toilet and I guessed brushed or used mouth wash.. afterwards he again performed without a condom and I released I wasn't wearing a condom cause of the essence of mouthwash then I put a condom and re performed while the condom was on it. Then later during kissing I experienced his penis rubbing against the entrance of my anus. Then he later he fingered my anus by applying lubricant. And tried to penetrate in my anus. But couldn't cause he couldn't get the proper erection. And then he took my semen in his mouth. My question is. In the above mention activity. Is there any chance I might get hiv if he has cut or sores in his mouth. ? Sorry for long story but I'm not getting any satisfying answer to my questions anywhere and I'm kinda getting paranoid. Its been 2 weeks from the encounter and I got a bit of sore throat and a little pain in my throat glands? Is any chance I might be affected?

Rapid test results

I took the free rapid tests at 6 weeks, 9 weeks and one at 82 days. The one at 82 days was just 2 days shy of the exact 12 week mark.
These were done with the clearview rapid tests

All were negative and i was wondering if you think i should test again since i did the last one 2 days too early.

My risk exposure was considered low

Thank you all for your great help on this site!


hi, I was very urgent in using a toilet so i went to a public toilet and in a hurry i used the toilet without cleaning the toilet seat and when using the toilet paper to clean, there was a hair on the seat and my toilet paper touched the seat with the hair and it picked up the hair in the toilet paper. I cleaned by anus with the same paper (which touched the toilet seat and picked the hair in the paper) and at the same time due to excess cleaning I was bleeding.

I am little worried what if the toilet seat had the body fluids or blood infected with hiv+ and hair which touched by the toilet paper and used the same to clean my anus and was bleeding (providing open to bloodstream). Do i get infected by hiv or hep or any other STDs by this situation and do need testing for both hiv or any other STDs?

Thank you!

7th week test


Testing negative to HIV at 7 weeks is that a good indication that I am negative?

Is it likely to change from now to 12 weeks?

I tested at 3 days post exposure with the duo test ab/ag and also tested at 6 weeks and 7 weeks with the same test.

Thank you


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