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No Risk

extremely worried

I went on a field research project to a remote village in india from sep 26th to 30th sept 2013. the village was isolated , with poor hygiene, food, sanitation etc.
the small room where i was staying was makeshift and in shambles. a village worker who had cleaned the room and bathroom mistook me for a doctor and informed me had hiv and asked me for medicines. i was very scared and became paranoid. i had no physical contact with the man but he was in the room. but i used the bathroom and i also had a skin rash on my thighs. since i stayed in that room for 2 days, i was very scared that i might be at risk.
after one month, i got a general/ complete blood test done which was normal.
doctors have assured me i was not at risk but i am still very worried. pls help.

Open Sores in Mouth and Transmission Risk-Please Help


First of all thank you for your great job and sorry about my bad English. I have OCD and these days so hard to me with thinking about Hiv.

1. I want to ask a question about hiv transmission risk via open sore in mouth. One of your answers; you said; blood has to be significant amount but what is significant amount exactly? And huge open sore in mouth? Could you explain this terms exactly please ?

2. Sometimes I bit my lips or tongue and they bleed a little bir, are they risky sores ?

3. My last question is; one day i took a glass of orange juice from cashier then i saw later that his hands are bleeding. I drunk it just 20-30 seconds later when him gave me. If some blood was on glass and I have little open sores in my mouth, is this a risk ? If it is, is it negligible or high ?

Please don't deny, I need help....

Scratch and Open cut

Hi, I fell down and got one of my hand full of scratches and open cut. In order for my wound/cut/scratch to heal i left it open, however when I use public wash basin or toilet there are times the water splashes on to my wound/scratch/cut from the public wash basin or toilet.

And also every time i wash my hand there was a bleeding and at the same time the water splashes from wash basin or toilet on the bleeding hand.

Based on the above situation, what if the wash basin or the toilet has any hiv infected blood or body fluids and when I am washing or using toilet the water splashes with that infected blood or body fluids to my fresh wound/scratch/cut, do I get infected with HIV or hepatitis? and I know open cut provides passage for virus to enter to your blood stream or body.

And also do I need to get tested for HIV or hepatitis based on this situation?
Please clarify on this. Thank you!!

Possible Needle Touching HELP

Okay so I was walking my dog last night and there was some rocks on the ground, so i moved them rapidly with my feet and one of them actually scratched my big toe, at first i didnt feel anything but after it bled and then i noticed that the superficial skin was scratched by the rock which makes sense why it bled, but i dont know if its me or if im worrying too excessively and I started wondering IF there were a needle that i didn't see, could I get infected if there was a needle that JUST ONLY touched the superficial scratch? otherwise IF it injected me, meaning going inside my toe I would of felt it or even if it poke me, right? I honestly dont want to die please help, should I take PEP? who should PEP? Another question, can stress and anxiety cause dry coughing or other health problems like those?

volunteer work

a few months ago, i visited an aids orphanage in an underdeveloped country. i have a lot of hang nails on my fingers and some times they bleed. i made sure the day i went, though, that i had no seriously big open wounds. i touched the hands of some of the children and one of them had saliva on his hand. could that transmit hiv? could any possible minimal contact with the blood of one of the kids be enough to infect?

transmission of hiv by saliva to open wound?

Today I was walking barefoot when suddenly a man spitted and his saliva entered an open wound on my leg, can I get hiv?

Washroom three

Thank you but again are you suggesting testing on this washroom incident ?

Or your saying everyone even with no risk should get tested.

Washroom part two

Hi again

You answered Washroom question just recently and stated no risk but you wrote the following:

Going forward, if facilities are not up to cleanliness standard, call a room attendant. While you will not be exposed to HIV from this situation, please consider testing for all sexually transmittediinfections, including HIV.

Why are you suggesting I consider testing for all transmitted infections including HIV if this was no risk? Can you please expand and/or reassure I was not at risk ?

Just confused why you say no risk but then suggest testing?

HIV risk from a handjob...pls Help

I went to a massage parlour and got a handjob. The lady had cold and cleaned her nasal secretions (snot) a couple of times and could have had some of it on her hand before she gave me a handjob? she cleaned me with a warm water towel after it. If she was infected….
Can her nasal secretions (snot) spread HIV if there are some minor abrasions on the skin of my penis? I checked her hand and it didn’t have any cut or wound on it. She didn’t touch my pee hole
Can the towel if used earlier on some HIV infected person spread the virus through these cuts? I had touched her bare nipples and after 2-3minutes used the same hand o clean my penis with liquid soap. Can this spread HIV?
Please answer soon!


So maybe a stupid question. But I checked into a hotel room

I touched the toilet rim with my index finger to wipe away a blob of fluid before I sat on seat

I then within a few seconds with the same index finger scratched inside my bum hole not outside but a little inside as it was itchy. There is potentiall of having some of that blob fluid go in my bum.

I am worried what if the blob was semen from someone who just checked out of the hotel room that I just checked into and now I put semen into my bum hole

Is this a risk or would assuming it was an HIV fluid the HIV in the fluid blob would have already been dead?

Does HiV die quickly?

I shouldn't have touched the blob

Again I know there are a lot of what ifs but if all are assumed, what is my risk and why?


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