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No Risk

masturbation and sti risk


we two gus were giving mutual masturbation to each other although both of us had our pants on without underwear. I remember shaving nr my genitals that morning and had got some cuts on skin nr genitals. At no point did we touch each other naked. His head touched my face once, he was bald. He had a sore on his lips and when i asked about it he said it was kind of blister due to his beard. Hope that was not herpes. I found him online and previous.night he had ad for giving oral sex to guys. I am scarded if this incident can transmit hiv or any sti to me assuming he was positive or had any stds. I also remeber laying down on his hotel bed while he was touching my penis and masturbating me,.although my pant was on. Please help me.


Ok. So my son and I visited a local juice shake bar. As the server finished making our drinks, he gave them to us. I noticed on his hand, some red substance, but for whatever reason did not think anything of it. We drank our juice shakes and went home.........After getting home, I though what if that red stuff was blood? What if the blood might have dripped into our shakes as he was making them and seconds later we are drinking his blood.

So question #1 is, assuming if HIV infected blood dripped into our shakes,and then we drank them, and worse case we have small little micro cuts in our mouth, would cold drinks mixed with blood put us at risk for HIV transmission?

Question 2- Has anyone ever reported getting HIV from eating or drinking HIV contaminated food or drink?

I searched the internet and found the below answer from The HIV USA Health website, but wanted to get a more personal response.............Do you agree with their answer below?

Here is the Q & A from a US Health Website

I lived in a house with my 5 friends. One of the friends is HIV+. He was very angry at us and he mixed his HIV contaminated blood in mango fruit juice and gave it to us .. we drank it.. we all are worried if we have contracted hiv...is there a chance of getting HIV from drinking juice mixed with blood ?? There was alot of blood mixed in the juice.

There is nothing to be afraid of, unless you are having unprotected sex or sharing needles with him. His anger with mixing blood in the drinks does not pose a risk. HIV begins to die once it is outside of the body and is unable to infect. Also mango drink will dilute the blood and add to the quicker death of the virus.

Confused!! Plz Help Me!! Part 2


This is with reference to the question i asked previously: http://helpline.aidsvancouver.org/question/confused-plz-help-me

I'm sorry if i didn't provide sufficient information. I understand what you are saying about the skin being a protective barrier but what worried me is that i am circumcised and kept pulling back on the foreskin while wiping repeatedly and excessively with those tissues (one or more of which may have been contaminated).

Does that still mean it is a no risk situation or is there some amount of risk? For there to be a risk you said the fluid should enter the penis so do you mean it has to enter through the urethra?

Worried and Fear

Hi, First thing I would like to appreciate and thank the information and support you all provide. I and my friend went out for drinks in a bar and my friend, she went to a restroom and when she came back immediately doing something with her shoes and by mistake the bottom of the shoe touched fully on my mouth, shirt, belt, id cards etc. My concern is what if there is some body fluilds/blood/Urine infected with hiv/any STDs in the rest room which she touched with her shoes and touched my mouth, shirt, belt, id cards etc. Do I get infected with hiv or any other STDs and do I need to get tested for hiv or any other STDs for this incident?

And can I continue to use the same shirt/belt/id cards which are touched my her shoes?


10 pound weight loss, white coat on tongue, is it hiv?

Hi, have Los 10 pounds over a 5 month period. Been eating the same. White coating on tongue for 7 months. Only exposure is handjob at massage place- cleaned with towel. Did that give me hiv? Very worried and stressed.

Touch 2

Thank you for answering does this mean under subject touch the risk code for the "Fighting" Q&A will be changed from low risk to no risk?

I also left a voice mail for the Volunteer Head Coordinator to call me as he requested at 905-*15-99*6

Confused!! Plz help me!!


While using a public restroom i touched the tip of my penis with my bare hands. I realized that my hands were extremely dirty as i had forgotten to was them. So i took a couple of tissues to wipe my penis to remove the dirt. To my horror after wiping my penis with the tissue i realized that the tissue was dirty (they were kept out in the open and not in a tissue dispenser). The tissue contained some stains which looked like blood.

The stain looked quite fresh (probably from the guy who picked up tissues just a couple of seconds before me).

This freaked me out to such an extent that i kept wiping the tip and head of my penis with tissue and water over and over again for quite some time. Now i am worried that maybe even more of the tissues were dirty/contaminated.

My questions are as follows:
1) Is the tip and head of the penis a source for transmission of HIV or does the fluid need to go into the penis?
2) Am i at risk from the incident with the first tissue or even my repeated excessive wiping of my penis with similar tissues and water?

Please help me and God bless you wonderful individuals!!

Semen touched my lips

I'hv posted to get an info about
whether I may have AIDS..
2-3 weeks back I masturbated and
the semen (a little bit) was left on
hand which I was unaware of,
accidentally I happened to take my
hand to my
lips(which had cracks) my lip at that
place swelled for some time and
was back normal. 2 weeks passed by
and I have flu like symptoms and I
I may have AIDS. But in my family 3
people had caught cold and it may
be a
normal infection too. And I am not
sure whether I have AIDS.

Mixed Up

Ok, I have asked or I come to you guys with questions about HIV transmission quite regularly as I seem to have somewhat of an HIV Phobia of which I am seeking help. I recently got tested and I was non reactive and felt better, relieved.......but yesterday I was reading up through the Q & A and saw the below answer. I have always been informed that HIV cannot be transmitted by surface, object, clothes etc, yet the below Q & A is classified as low risk. I know it is only low risk, but, what has me concerned is that there is risk. My concern is that because I am quite a germ phobic, there are many times that I use my sleeve to turn door handles, door knobs, taps, flush public toilets etc, etc and many times after doing so, sometimes without probably realizing that I would use that same sleeve to wipe my nose, mouth, face or eyes whether due to an itch, something in my eye etc.............. Based on below, I am now worried, what if any of those times I came into contact with a small amount of blood, semen etc from whatever I touched with my sleeve, and then immediately within a few seconds, rubbed my eyes, nose or mouth..........because again, based on below it is being suggested as low risk? Please advise, as I would have assumed NO RISK for rubbing a clothing shirt sleeve because I formerly understood that object, clothes, and surfaces cannot transmit, but below is suggesting low risk ?

Here is the Q&A that has my anxiety rising. Please also know that no disrespect intended, just want to understand.

Hi. I broke up a fight. Some of the fighters blood went on my shirt. A minute after I separated them I wiped my nose/face with my sleeve which might have had some blood on sleeve. If HIV blood was on my long sleeve from one of the fighters and I wiped my nose/mouth/eye after 20-30 seconds with my sleeve am I at risk of HIV?
Hi there,

Thank you for choosing AIDS Vancouver for your source of HIV/AIDS related information. It's great to see that you are taking initiative when it comes to your health and well being!

To our knowledge, the only time someone has acquired HIV from a fight was when a knife was used. In this particular circumstance, the knife was used to stab one individual, and then immediately used to stab another (facilitating a direct exchange of blood). Based on the information you have provided, it appears that you are at a low risk because blood may have entered your eye; however, you can take comfort that it is extremely unlikely that you acquired HIV. This is because HIV dies upon exposure to oxygen, and it is unlikely that the virus would have survived on your shirt and then entered your eye and accessed the bloodstream.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) all HIV testing is considered conclusive 12 weeks (or 84 days) post exposure, provided there have been no other exposures during that window period.

I hope I have addressed all of your concerns, and if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us!

All the best,

acne tool transmission

I've been thinking about something that happened in the summer for some time. I'm not sure if it took place in May, June or July. I was at my friend's house. They were using an acne tool to I guess bust acne. If that even makes sense. However, I can't recall if they used it on me since I have a lot of acne and they bleed. Now I'm worried that my one friend who was using and her mother could have possibly been bleeding and then used it on me (once again I can't really remember if they did). I also bleed a lot since I have a lot of acne. Now I'm worried. I'm mostly worried because I know for fact that this friend has unprotected sex and I doubt she has been tested and I'm not too sure about her mother. I'm not sexually active and now I'm terrified that I could have been infected.


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