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No Risk


I would like to commend you guys for agreat work you doing here.
I will be very brief
I had a risky exposure sept last yr..had worse symptoms ever ( fever, fatigue lymphnodes joints etc) tested negative upto 6 mnths.
symptoms hav nvr gone away I could hardly believe my test result which promted sleeping without protection with my new mate..she went down with worrying symptoms.
now am confused..I wonder if maybe just maybe I have a rear strains of the deadly virus..I can feel my nodes on neck both sides armpits groin,, pls guys help me out on this

Fluid on photocopier/printer

Hi and thanks a lot for reading this.

I am very concerned at the moment because I think I have been exposed to HIV. I do realize my concern is a little bit far fetched, but I can't help it but to keep worrying. This is what happened.
Today at college, I wanted to print something so I went to the printing room (closed doors, not a lot of passage). The printers have these touch screens you need to use to print something, and after I had touched it several times with my index finger, I noticed there was a fluid on it. I don't know if I touched the fluid. I then packed my things and washed my hands.
While I am aware of the fact that the skin is a barrier from the HIV virus, the thing is that I have very dry hands which caused some cracks/cuts in my hand. These were open cuts, as I could clearly feel the sting of water/soap when washing my hands.
My concern about all of this is that, and I do realize that's a bit paranoid, someone HIV+ put semen/other fluids on the photocopier (I don't know how else to put it). The main reason for that is that I went back after a few hours and the fluid had dried (you could see some residue on the screen that had dried) and I can't think of anything more plausible. I don't think it was water because it wouldn't leave such a mark/such residue.
The time the fluid was exposed to air before I may have touched it was at least a minute. The time the fluid was exposed to air before I washed my hands is about 4 minutes.

Am I at risk for HIV? Is it possible to get infected in this situation? I am mainly worried because of the cracks in my skin and even more because I washed my hands after it, possibly mixing it with water and getting it into the cut.

Again, I know it may seem far-fetched, but I am really worried and don't know where else to go.

Thanks so much.

Toilet Paper 5

This is where you confused me.......... "sexually transmitted infections may be passed from engaging in sexual activities and not objects, including bloody toilet paper".

Please confirm, bloody toilet paper CANNOT regardless of how short time may have passed, bloody toilet paper cannot transmit HIV.


Hi, I went to Malaysia with friends for a short trip. & we went for body massage where we had to remove our clothes and was totally naked. The bed that they had us to lie on was covered with towels and cloth, not really clean, could see some marks and stains. I doubt they changed the towel after each customer. It was a normal body massage, Nothing errotic/sexual, just decent body massage. But because I was totally naked lying on the massaging bed, my vagina was in contact with the towels. I worry that was if the pervious person was a HIV+ person and had the bodily fluids in the towel. Will I be at any risk for HIV in this case? Please help me because I am very worried.

TOilet Paper 4

You are confusing me and I am sorry for being a pain.........here is what you just replied to. You are now saying including toilet paper may cause sexually transmitted infections? Lets keep a short answer. Can you just say, NO RISK associated with bloody toilet paper, or YES RISK is

Hello again, while i have indicated you will not be exposed to HIV from this activity, sexually transmitted infections may be passed from engaging in sexual activities and not objects, including bloody toilet paper

Toilet paper3

Below is the answer to having potential blood on toilet paper in public washroom not noticed till after wiping.

My question is even if HIV from person right before dripped into toilet paper and I wiped into my butt seconds later I have zero risk? Also you mention to not use used toilet paper which I obviously know not to but if you are saying no risk to HIV am I at harm for another disease?

Here is your first answer:

Hello HIV is not passed from bloody toilet paper, from surfaces or objects. HIV may be passed when people engage in unprotected vaginal/anal intercourse with a person living with HIV and HIV may also be passed when injecting with shared needles.

HIV does not live outside of a human host and HIV dies once exposed to air/oxygen. You are at no risk for HIV infection from the information you have provided. Finally do not use used toilet paper or any other sanitary products.

Risk Situation?


Thank you so much for this resource. I have a few questions about a barber shop potential risk.

After my hair cut I realized my ear (Tragus) had a small nick and dried blood on it. I don't remember getting cut but it was there.

1. Could I get HIV from the barber possibly having a cut on his hand an touching my ear cut or from blood on the clippers?

2. Does the tragus part of the ear have access to the blood stream anyways?

3. The barber was a 70 year old man. Say in some crazy way he had HIV, he would have to be on medication at this point in his life most likely, which would make his viral load lower correct?

I am trying my best to convince myself of all the ways why this couldn't be a risk. Any additional information would be great as well.

Thanks so much.


So even if blood a minute old was accidentally dropped onto toilet paper that I used to wipe bum a minute later no risk?


Ok you answered the following about risk of fluid from a tap that I stupidly then put in my nose

Your answer was "the fact is that this fluid was most likely liquid hand soap. "

What if though it was semen or an HIV fluid that somebody just left behind a minute or less ago?

If it was soap I know it's not possible. But if hiv fluid is it a risk?

Hair follicle and HIV

After having protected sex with my partner, I used methylated to clean myself and felt a burning sensation below my testicles. This is sensation is similar to when I cut my hair indicating that the blood stream is exposed. Can I get hiv if she has it through the hair follicles?


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