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No Risk


I was at a public washroom and as I was wiping my bum after #2, I looked at the toilet paper that I was just about to use to wipe my bum. The toilet paper had a red smudge on it. I have no idea what it was, or what caused the red dot but I am worried if it was blood

What if the first or second wipe prior also had some of this red stuff on it and I wiped my bum with the red stuff now able to go in my bum......can I get HIV this way if the red stuff was blood or would the HIV virus already be dead by the time I went into stall. In other words what if someone a minute before I used the washroom, if that someone had a bloody nose and it dripped on toilet paper which now a minute or so later is bring wiped into my bum. Please I am scared of HIV risk.......please tell me am I and why or why not?

HIV risk?

Hi, there were two instances in the past year and a half that I'm not so sure about. One instance, my boyfriend's roommate had a cut on his head and was bleeding and I helped him to stop the bleeding by applying a piece of gauze. I'm pretty sure I wore gloves, but I can't remember anymore. Also, a few months after that, my boyfriend's other roommate got a tattoo and he asked if I could put the ointment on his tattoo for him and I had a fairly fresh wound on one of my thumbs. I'm not sure if I had gotten that wound on that day or the day prior, but I know that tattoos are considered open wounds so I'm not sure if transmission is possible. Please let me know if I should get tested. Thank you!

tooth brush

Sr last night after using a tooth brush my friend gave me his tooth brush to use.after that im soworry about that.can u tell me that hiv can transmitt through this..


Hi, do we get hiv or any other STD infections if any insects or mosquitos or flies bite you immediately after biting hiv or other STD infected person?

do we get hiv or any other STD infection if any live insects or mosquitos or flies stay on your food and spilled some fluids/blood in the food immediately after biting hiv or other STD infected person/from dirty garbage (where some blood or body fluids present) and if you had the same food without noticing immediately?

Believe me, I had both these situations that insects or Mosquitos or flies bit me and also stayed on my food.

Do I need to get tested for hiv or any other STD infection based on the above situation? Thank you!

Concern over exposure

I have been suffering from worry and I would like professional opinion as nothing else short of it will do. Exactly 10 weeks ago, I had an experience with a CSW and although I was protected I had cuts on my fingers which could (probably most likely) touched fluid. These cuts were only a day old and thus I thought they were open. I have read many threads here and you have said this is no risk but I tested yesterday at the 10 week mark to make sure.

However, yesterday I made the grave mistake of visiting an erotic asian masseuse in Toronto and I am unsure of her status but what happened was I got fluid on my fingers once again, however that is not the concern. I went to eat aftewards and I washed my hands once only with water and another time with soap, however both times were not extremely thorough as it never crossed my mind until later that I'd be going to get a rapid antibody prick test in about 20 minutes. So, 1.5-2 hours later I had the prick test on the SAME FINGER that was exposed to vaginal fluid earlier in the day.

My questions are:

1) Should I be happy with my 10 week result for my previous exposure
2) Do I have to go through this nightmare again for this new exposure
3) What is the likelihood of infection for my new exposure
4) Could you give me some kind of scientific reasoning for your response, as I have read online that since the prick test makes me bleed it gives a passageway inviting in the virus and potentially infecting me as in some cases (cited from a study online that said that the virus can surive up to 6 hours in certain conditions, including in blood and other semen/vaginal fluids) what if my hands acted as a safehouse for the HIV virus should the vaginal fluid not get clearly wiped away by washing my hands with water since it was not entirely thorough and 1.5 hours isnt that much time?

Procedure done at a Hospital Please Answer!!

Ok I am very worried about a particular incident that occurred while having a CT Scan done at a hospital. First I just want to say that I was already nervous to go get this scan because I was told that I would need contrast for the scan which is when they use a needle and insert it and give you contrast through the IV. I really need an answer to this question and though it may be irrational I still need an answer please!! So before the can I used the bathroom which is directly in the same room as the scan and just as I was washing my hands at the sink I saw a gauze pad with fresh red blood right on the top of the trash (inside though) I immediately thought what if the person that is going to be giving me by IV and scan took a needle and drew his blood from it or used contaminated blood so that he could insert it in my IV with the contrast while I am having my scan. I am laying down at the scan and so I cant see the Radiology technician inserting the contrast. Anyway my mind was thinking that happened and right before I came to my appointment he was bleeding from drawing the infected hiv blood from his arm and then he had to use the gauze to blot it and then quickly threw it away in the trash. I was going to leave and not get the scan done because I was so scared but I was trying to be brave and told myself Stop thinking that way this did not happen...this blood could very well be a patient before me and maybe they just took the gauze bandage off their arm before they left their appointment.
So, 1) why would anyone take their gauze bandage off right away before they leave their appointment especially since there was a pretty large amount of bright red fresh blood on the gauze. So based on what I am telling you do you think its rational of me to think it was the person who was going to be doing my scan and inserting my IV giving me contrast through it. I am thinking what if he has HIV or knew some patient prior to me that had it and wanted to keep the blood in a needle barrel so that he could use it to infect me when injecting the contrast through the IV in my veins. Another issue I am struggling with is when the Radiology tech was trying to insert the needle/IV in my vein. I told him that normally I get butterfly needles used and he said that don't use them in these situations when using an IV so he proceeded with a regular needle and he was having so much trouble trying to draw the blood. He even ripped off the top part of the tip of his finger on his glove and was feeling around my vein which I was told this is common when trying to get blood to draw and that its hard to do with a glove on so people sometimes use their finger. ( I was told this by the director of radiology because I even contacted them because I thought that was so gross that he was touching my vein with his bare finger and he was so close to where some blood was coming out of me and I think seriously he even got a little blood on his finger of mine. I hope it was at least mine and not his and he was not trying to insert blood that he cut his finger through into my hole where he was inserting the needle. Seriously who gets that close to someone's blood with their bare finger. That is so disgusting and then I told the director that no one washed their hands prior and he said that all staff use hand sanitizers all day. I mean he is probably just defending his staff. Anyway the tech couldn't get the needle to catch the blood in the vein to start the IV so another lady came over and did the IV in my other arm. I wanted to watch her to make sure she was putting gloves on and I noticed before hand she had a cut on her finger that was sort of red but sort of scabbed over and she was trying to start my IV and I kept trying to look up because I was lying down and they kept saying sit still this is a needle prick you must sit still. Why cant I watch...? I thought that it was weird that they were telling me to stay laid down. I was so traumatized by the experience. I am sick to my stomach So that experience has also left me thinking this guy has infected me with hiv. I am so sick over this. I feel terrible and I am sorry you are probably thinking I am nuts which it does sound nuts but do you think this happened? I know you were not there but do you think I am thinking irrationally and that I have nothing to worry about? Please get back to me and tell me your thoughts. I really need comfort in knowing what you truly thinking. I have already talked to my doctor and he does not think I am at any risk and that this is just a matter of my fear of hiv and anxiety. Which I really struggle with on a daily basis. But this particular situation has felt so real to me and now for the next 3-6 months I am worried that I have been infected with HIV through this situation and everyone I talk to about it gets mad at me and thinks I am being ridiculous.
I saw blood in the trash fresh red blood that triggered my mind to think all this scenario but I am sure I would have come up with something else if I did not see the blood in the trash. The other ridiculous part about this is that I looked at his name tag so that I could look him up on the internet to find out who he was and if he was a sketchy person. All I got was that he was from Ghana which scares me and I know I should not judge anyone based on race or religion or any of that but I was thinking Ghana=Africa and Africa=Hiv and aids. Please forgive me for even saying that but I am just letting you know my thoughts. Then I saw that he was deployed overseas as a some kind of commissioner to help out in a medical unit or something like that. I then was able to see that this man went to college and his interests were hiv/aids, infectious diseases and things like that which made me think he has interests in those things because he has hiv/aids. I don't know what else to do, I have already talked to a doctor I am currently starting medicine to help me with anxiety, but I can not go on for the next 6 months and wait to test thinking I am infected with Hiv. I just recently had a stomach ache for the past 2 days and now I have a little blister sore inside my mouth on my cheek and tongue and I am thinking these are HIV symptoms. I am so sorry to bother you with all this but if you could write back a detailed message regarding all of my concerns I would greatly appreciate it. Please forgive me if I offended anyone because I would never do that intentionally I just need some answers to my questions and some thoughts on if I should be worried and if this happened to me. I mean people say this didn't happened and wouldn't happen, but anything could happen its not impossible that a situation like this could not happen so that is why I cant get it out of my head. Am I at risk? Or do I have severe hiv fear and anxiety. Please tell me if I need to be worried for the next six months. I am so sad I cry every day thinking about it. Please be detailed when you respond and address all the stuff I wrote of my concerns. That would be so helpful. Thank you so much! I appreciate everything you all do.

Hiv in semen outside the body

Hi, how long will hiv survive in semen outside the body? I'm concerned because I was involved in mutual masturbation with a man. We only masturbated our own penis at first. The problem is after he finished I was having problems finishing so he grabbed my penis and masturbated me with the same hand he had masturbated with without cleaning himself first. This was about 5 minutes after he had ejaculated. I know he had semen on his hand and he masturbated my penis head. This is a person I know well. The problem is this. 4 months later, just yesterday, he told me he tested positive for hiv. He was crying and told me I should get myself tested. I tested 7 months ago and this has been my only exposure. I'm in a dark world right now. My hands are shaking as I'm typing this. I'm going to get tested tomorrow. I thought by not having sex I would be safe but I'm not sure at all. All I keep thinking is that my life as I know it is over. Please tell me, does hiv survive in semen after 4-5 minutes even if the semen is wet? He tells me not to worry that he doesn't think I'm in danger. He had unprotected anal, that's how he got it . I'm so scared, please help. I'm dreading and all I see is a doctor telling me I'm positive.


I touched some fluid on a tap inside a public washroom. After I touched it I blew my nose then stupidly pulled snot out of my nose with same finger that a minute earlier I touched unknown fluid. What if it was blood or semen? Would there be HIV risk with putting finger in nose after touching an Hiv fluid 60 seconds later without washing hands to remove fluid? I am such an idiot

Little worried after a blood test

I went for a blood test today at a laboratory.
Before drawing blood, the nurse tore a piece of cotton and kept it on the table. It just looked to me as if it had some blood on it. When i picked it up to check i did not see any blood but just the liquid that was put on it (red color in bottle but light purple when i saw on cotton) for cleaning.
Now my question is that is it possible that there was blood but because of the liquid applied to it the color suddenly changed or was it just the sterlizing liquid. Because it did look like red in color at first sight, then the liquid was applied again i think and after this i picked up to check if it had blood but couldnt see anything but light purple liquid.
Is it possible that color changed and infact it was blood or was it just some reflection. I dont know i am just so confused what happened. All this happened within a minute. Would that liquid have killed the hiv if at all it was present. Can it infect me because this piece of cotton is what i used before and after the blood was drawn.
Thanks in advance.

Public toilet

Dear Admin,

This happened a few days ago when I visited a mall. When I was standing and peeing due to an accidental push from a gentleman next to me who was about to slip and fall, the tip of my penis came in contact with drops of urine there. Will it spread HIV


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