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Scabs from razor bumps and semen

So I mutually masturbated with my HIV positive partner. When he ejaculated he spread it on my face. I have razor bumps that usually bleed when I shave. Think I shaved about an hour before I got any cum on me but should I be concerned since he is HIV positive? What if when I wiped off the cum a few moments after with a towel? I know HIV cannot live outside the body for long but exactly how long? Am I at risk?!

Am I at risk for HPV? Please help

Hi I have a question about oral HPV. I hope you can help me cause I can't find any sites that can offer help with this STD. I do know the difference between HPV and HIV.

I had dinner with my aunt who has high risk HPV 16 and HPV18 answer as diagnosed with cervical cancer. She used her chopsticks (that she has eaten from) and gave me some meat. I am concerned if the high risks HPV16 and HPV18 can be transmitted through this kind of saliva contact? What are the risks that she can transmit the viruses to be? And I read on about oral cancer and HPV, how is the HPV that causes oral cancer transmitted? Am I at high risk? Please help cause I am panicking like nuts right now. Thank you



I had an encounter recently where the girl ended up and subsequently masturbated me. During the time I never penetrated her but our private parts were close and might have even touched. She stroked me very aggressively. O am not circumcized and I heard that the foreskin is an area where HIV can pass or be absorbed. Is that true? Also, I'm worried because I wasn't wearing a condom and the tip of my penis may have been exposed to since bodily fluids such was followed by some aggressive maturation.

Please will you let me know if I'm at risk.


possible blood on shoe box at store

please answer my question. i was at a shoe store shopping and my back of my hand which is split by dry skin and had a strip of blood coming out of it and I bumped into what i thought was blood on the shoe box. to determine if it was blood i took a piece of tissue paper from the shoe box container and wiped the area on the red shoe box that i thought was blood. red stuff did come off on this tissue paper and just to make sure this was just not the coloring of the shoe box i wiped another side of the tissue in a different area and nothing came off. im horried that someone hiv contaminated blood got in my cut that was clearly bleeding on my hand. then i immediately washed my hands about 20 min later and went to bathroom and then i thought i saw a little reddish stuff could be lint or something on the tp. im afraid that blood was on my hand. can you just please tell me the truth if you can catch hiv by bumping your hand against something that could potentially be blood if it was just put there? im freaked out am I at risk? please answer this question.

Can you get HIV from touching a guy's erected penis?

Let's say that you touch ("play with") a guy's erected penis, and then you masturbate (imagine you're a guy too). If the guy didn't have any fluids, can you get HIV from him?

Is angular cheilitis due to my handjob

My mind is going 1,000 miles an hour. Developing all kinds if symptoms. White coated tongue, blurred vision, weight loss (10 pounds), and just recently what I believe is angular cheilitis; all symptoms of hiv. I'm freaking out. My exposure is handjob and towel cleaning. I'm petrified ever since I went to a massage parlor (worst mistake of my life as it may have given me hiv), got cleaned with what I think is a dirty wet towel, given a habdjob with semen residue from previous customer. I think I doomed myself and girlfriend. She has lost done weight too. She also has hight white blood cells), what gave I done. Why aren't there any studies that explain precisely how long hiv remains alive in the natural environment? CDC is so vague. Did I doom myself and girlfriend? Will I test positive?

Is this a risky situation

My finger was cut slightly from a very sharp paper cutter blade which was used by another person abut five seconds after it was handed over to me. I could see a cut which was about 2 millimeters long on the skin on the palm side of the finger(White color skin where the fingerprints are. Please excuse my inability to find the correct English word for the place). I could feel the cut but the blood did not come out. I think the blade went deep and that's why I could feet that I was cut.
I do not know if there was blood form the other person was on the blade. I did not see any red spot under the fluorescent light , but if his cut was also small, the blood on the blade not be visible.
Is there a slightest chance for me to contract HIV if the other person who used the blade was an AIDS infected person?

hep c from licking a scab

I asked this same question about my baby sucking on a friends finger and noticed a scab, about if hiv was possible to transmit that way. Now I'm wondering if it would be possible for my baby to have caught hep c that way? The scab was not bleeding and I doubt my baby had any cuts in her mouth. Do you think I have anything to worrt about with hep c or hiv. Please be specific on the reasons as that's how I process things. Thanks so much, need to alleviate some stress.

Am i at RISk..? Please help!!!

Dear Sir,

Im a male from INDIA, visited a sex worker on 28.10.2013.I do not know her HIV status. As soon as i went in she asked me to get nude and she also got nude. After this she switched of the lights. We did not have Vaginal, Anal or oral sex. I was playing with her boobs and hugging. I did not even lip kiss her. i saw her vagina, but did not penetrate. I had loads of Precum on that day. i am 100% sure...there was no penetration.
My question is:
Is there any chance of my precum touching her vagina accidentally.....and thus putting myself in risk.
Or is the previous man she hooked had left his seemen on her body and what if my precum has got in contact with that? I am sure she din hook anybody half hour before she touched me.

Kindly someone answer please....very very anxious.

hiv risk

yesterday I was travelling . During travel, I met one guy He smoked half ciggerate and he gave to me. I smoked rest of the ciggerate. That guy was kind of junky. he seems to be regular weed smoker. suppose that guy is hiv infected. After smoking half cigarette l soo blood on bud of the cigarette giving . if that blood on cigarette bud touches my dry and chapped lips or open cut on lip, or bit bleeding lips I am at risk of getting infected with HIV ? My lower lip is dry and chopped since long time . Last week my lower lip was bleeding. I have bleeding gum problem since long time. I do not have good oral hygiene. I am broken from inside. I have 48 hours in hand to go for PEP. What do you think? should I go for PEP? please advice me! save my life!


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