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No Risk


So maybe a stupid question. But I checked into a hotel room

I touched the toilet rim with my index finger to wipe away a blob of fluid before I sat on seat

I then within a few seconds with the same index finger scratched inside my bum hole not outside but a little inside as it was itchy. There is potentiall of having some of that blob fluid go in my bum.

I am worried what if the blob was semen from someone who just checked out of the hotel room that I just checked into and now I put semen into my bum hole

Is this a risk or would assuming it was an HIV fluid the HIV in the fluid blob would have already been dead?

Does HiV die quickly?

I shouldn't have touched the blob

Again I know there are a lot of what ifs but if all are assumed, what is my risk and why?

Worried please advise

I was wondering if you can help me . I was dealing with a patient who had a diabetic ulcer in the foot and it had a bandage but the bandage was wet and his ulcer was oozing blood too . I was doing his X-ray and he had to put his foot on the plate and I did this twice. Once I finished positioning the patient I then wiped the cassettes before processing them with alchohol wipes and whilst doing this I felt some dust like particles fly into my left nostril I know it sounds wierd and I had a small cut on the beggining of my nostril . The dust or fluff could've been from the socks he was wearing I'm not sure . I did put a tissue into my nose and noticed some very very small red fluff I know it's sounds crazy. Is there a risk here of HIV and I don't know if the dust or fluff touched my cut . His sock could've been wet too as well. Please advice or am I just being paranoid .

Blood on face

Hello, I am completely terrified of a situation that happened this morning. I live in a traditional dorm and shower in a communal bathroom. I do have acne but after I got out of he shower and went to my room I noticed blood on the side of my forehead. I do have bad acne and I squeezed one that was in the direction f the blood and blood did come out but that can be just because I squeezed it. So I couldn't tell if maybe it's my own blood or somebody else's blood. Maybe the blood was on one on the shower curtains and as I was leaving my head brushed past them. I can't concentrate on anything because I'm afraid for my life. If it was somebody else's blood what is my risk of hiv or hepatitis? I also afraid that I it was another persons blood that it got into my bloodstream by passing through my terrible acne.

Nail Scratch

Hello. I got into an argument with a HIV positive transvestite (i volunteer at a HIV homeless shelter). She ended up pushing me away. However when she pushed me, she scratched my hand. I didn't see any blood around my hand or any cuts (hand looks normal) but I did feel a little pinch when she scratched me. I am now afraid of contracting HIV. Am I at Risk and what should i do?

Sidenote: I am also freaking out if they had some sort of object they stabbed me with it. I didn't feel anything anywhere else in my body nor did I see anything on their hands


Hi thanks for your answer. This was your answer
"Hi and thanks. HIV is not passed from a doorknob which has cut you. HIV is not ever passed from contact and HIV may be passed from having unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse and when people share injection needles."

Last question. When you said hiv is not passed by contact did you mean to say casual contact?


How long does HIV live on inanimate objects?

Two concerns worrying me are one, while in Phoenix I reached for a door handle while looking away and a sharp point on the handle knocked and cut my thumb which caused it to bleed. What if seconds before someone with HIV did the same and cut them self and blood went into my cut seconds later

Two....got a haircut and at end of haircut they use a trimmer for my side and back of neck. I did not see them clean the trimmer at anytime. The trimmer poked and cut my neck with blood wiped by tissue. So assuming someone with HIV that got their haircut and with same non cleaned trimmer right before my haircut got cut by trimmer and blood left on trimmer would that HIV blood now go into my cut and infect me?

Please be very detailed and certain either way with response?

any risk?

Good day, my maid was busy with a safety pin and she hooked it on her jacket im not sure if she got poked with it, but a few minutes later she touched my nail clipper, Ǐ left if for a while and then came back after about 5 minutes or more to get it, and then cut my nails, which was nail extensions with it after about a minute and washed my hands straight after that, Ǐ didn't get cut when Ǐ cut my nails, Ǐ took the extensions off in the evening,later on that evening in used the same hand to pick the clipper up , Ǐ got a cut under my nailnot with the clipper, îs there any chance that hiv could b transmitted because Ǐ touched the clipper earlier?and could it hav lived under my nail extension? And even though Ǐ washed my hands? Ǐ cut my finger, a few hours after the nail clipper incident mayb about 5 hours later, if im correct hiv dies within seconds?

really worried p

hi guys. for my question u may think i am mad it would be great if u provide some help for my incident. i am a young boy 21 years old n i am so worried about the incident since one of my ftiend told me it is possible. so can u pz help me.

actually i was drivin today and go stopped on a red signal.but unfortunately, on other dide a car hit bike. the biker got seriously wounded and started zo bleed. bad luck ok mine, i have go go through the same way, next lane where accident happened. it was a windy da and i have got acne, pimple and got cut 5 minutes old while shaving.
so i was driving car with window open, so in windy day if blood was blown away and somehow got on my face where i have got pimples and cut, do this put me at risk for hiv.
one more question i got my eyes red may be dueto splashing water. so if somehow blood got into
my eyes, do this put me at risk fo hiv. i would really appreciate fot u quick reply. thanks

razor blade question.

I was hoping you could answer a question regarding a concern of mine. I was shaving my bikini area around the sides and the middle. Sorry if I am too graphic, but I also am on day 3 my menstrual cycle. Anyway I just got in shower and and lathered up and began using my previously changed razor blade 1or 2 days ago. Anyway I shaved around down by my vagina and then took a look at ther razor and on it was soap from me lathering and a glob of red blood. I'm freaking out because I am thinking oh my gosh what if that blood was there before I used it? I know this seems far fetched but what if the manufacturer cut their finger while the blades were being packaged or what if someone put HIV contaminated blood on my razor. Since I am having my period I am hoping the blood came frm me but I was in the shower and ccan't understand how it would be coming from me if im wet and stuff wouldn't water have washed that off me if it were me? OK so basically I'm wondering if you can catch HIV from this situation if someone in fact put blood on my razor or if it came packaged that way? This happened in the morning after hours of sleeping and the blood looked wet. I live just with one person and know they didn't put blood on it. If it were HIV blood could I get HIV if I was shaving near my vagina hole and bikini line which by the way, was bleeding a little from razor irritation. The blood I saw was after I shaved near my vagina hole and it freaked me out but I am hoping this blood came from my vagina and wasn't put there. Do you think I need to worry about HIV transmission and get tested? Can hiv blood on a razor live long if its wet? Can it live through packaging then to the store then home with me and infect me then? I know HIV transmission is possible through razors so thas why iI am concerned. Im sorry if this story sounds nuts. Also, if it cannot live long how do we actually no it doesn't and is there proof that it does not live outside the body, even on razor blades? I'm so scared!

Any need for worry? or testing?

I was wondering if this is a possible way that hiv is transmitted. Say that someone has an actively bleeding cut on their finger or an open wound that looks red and sore and they are doing your makeup. So basically pouring the liquid foundation on their hand and dipping the community makeup application brush in the makeup they poured on top of their hand (lets just say it is in the same spot as the actively bleeding cut or open red and sore wound) and then they are applying the make up with that brush on your face? Can hiv be transmitted this way since your face can have pimples and zits, blackheads and large pores or even a possible open wound? I am so sick to my stomach that I let a lady at a make up counter put make up on my face this way. I didnt realize she was doing that until I started to see what she was doing. The thing is not to discriminate or anything she looked as if she could be a drug use or was one. She had some really brownish, teeth in the front and when I see that I think of someone who smokes crack and then I think probably uses drugs with needles. I looked at her hands and they look red and had scratches not sure if she had open cuts but I am presenting this scenerio with open cuts possibly bleeding because I did not get to see what it looked like before she poured the liquid foundation on her hand. For all I know she could have poured the makeup right on top of a bleeding cut. Can hiv be transmitted into your face and pores through zits and possible cut on the face?Is an actively bleeding cut that has blood coming out of it...if they have a virus does it start to die once it hits the air even though it is coming out of a cut? I was curious about that? or does that only happen if it is on an environmental surface. Please provide me with full detail of whyor why not there is no risk. I have been seeing a therapist about my fear of hiv but I think its time for someone new because my fears are not going away. I appreciate your help! thank you



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