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fingernail scratch incident

Back in May, I had an incident with a woman, I was walking very far away behind her, it was like a two minute walk since I saw her, she saw me far away and stopped and approached me. The point is that she physically harrased me, the what I suppose, wounds, that "outstanded" the more where some scratches that bled in my face, I assume they occured thanks to her fingernails. They didn't bleed like what a knife would do and when I cleaned them they didn't looked that bad like what I thought. My inner hypochondriac self is going to ask now, could this be considered as a risk? I know it sounds ridiculous and in reality, no one get's scared by a fingernail scratch, but I'm slowly getting paranoic. My mom that's a nurse and that took care of the scratches told me that once cleaned up, those wounds where just superficial scratches/wounds, they bled indeed but just because the epidermis got scratched off, not because there was access to my blood vessels and that they where the cause of my bleeding. From what I've researched, my wound of my cheek (the one that really stood out) had to been sewed in an emergency room in order to be considered as a high risk, and even then, I saw her way before the incident happened, I saw her several minutes and I know that HIV loses it's ability of transmitting once it's out of a human host and also that it dies almost instantly once it's out. Also that I don't recall feeling something "fresh" or "liquid" once she made contact with my face, also that some minutes later, if I remember very well, I don't recall seeing something "red" on her fingers, or something "enough" to transmit. From what I know, these where just superficial wounds (that healed up and dissappeared in less than a week) and don't impose any type of entry to the bloodstream and that now in current year/2019, hiv transmission only occurs in unprotected sex, drug use/needle sharing (here's where they put the "deep open wounds" category) and mother to child transmission.

I'm trying to look the most realistic side of this since my paranoic side it's telling me I should get tested. I just want some specialist to reafirm me that these affirmations I stated are true and that I should just leave all of these behind. I'm getting frequent panic attacks and I cry sometimes thanks to all this topic, please help me. Sorry for my broken english.

HIV transmission risk and question on handjob and nipple sucking

I read many threads and searched your database before I post this.

Some people said no risk and some said there is a possibility and my anxiety is building up so wanted to check again.

I went to a massage parlor 15 days ago and got a handjob, she pour some oil and gave a handjob and I sucked her nipples few time during that. Touched her vagina few times and put my finger inside.

What are my chances of getting HIV via handjob. If she has any cuts on her hand is there a possibility

I bit the inside of my lip that morning with my teeth while eating, what are my chances of HIV trasmission through that mouth sore since I sucked her nipples.

Any chance of getting it via fingering ( touched it from outside didn't put my finger inside her) her pussy.

Is there a possibility of exposure since I put my finger inside her pussy and then immediately touched my penis while she was giving me hand job.

Were there any exposures ever via hand job, blow job (I didn't get one) and sucking nipples

am posting the question 2nd time hoping that I will get an answer please. Thanks for the help I also donated yesterday for your efforts.

I took the HIV RNA early Detection test after 13 days(on the 14th day). am still waiting for the results. How accurate is the HIV RNA test after 13 days.

Contact with HIV+ Patient

Hi there,

I volunteer in an ER and I am concerned because I was not aware that a patient was HIV+ when I was helping them with their meal. I don't remember any substantial contact with the patient besides him touching my arm with his hand. Would there be risk of infection if he had blood on his hand and touched my skin if I had a small open cut? Or if where he touched me with the blood I then touched my eye or mouth? I don't remember seeing a large amount of blood but I was wondering if it takes an actively bleeding wound from the HIV+ person to enter the actively bleeding wound of an HIV- person/ large splash in mouth or eye. Please let me know your thoughts! Thank you so much

Nail Clipper Blood Incident


Very helpful helpline here. I had very stressing incident. I was with my private guitar tutor at a music academy. My nails were too long he said so he took me upstairs to the manager's office (not his) and opened his cabinet to get nail clippers that he uses for people who has long nails for guitar playing.

He said he needed to cut his nails too so he did it first. Then as I was cutting my nails, he was like "fuck I think I accidentally nick myself a bit" and started sucking on his finger. And I was like "oh" didn't think much of it. Then, when I got to my index finger I accidentally nicked the soft part under my nails I think it's called hyponychium.

I didn't notice substantial blood on me or the nail clippers. Just tiny blood nicks. I tend to cut my nails short as the hyponychium doesn't hurt for me :(

I am Korean and this was in Seoul, Korea. He said that he has a girlfriend but he does look very "loose" and maybe cheats on his gf idk.

Thank you

requesting for a reply from 3 days

Hi please give detailed reply

i don't care how many times i had to try, I always hope i can get the answer from you.

I went to get tested in a testing center in Myanmar ,an under-developing country if you may call, and my HIV test turned out negative (thanks god!). Soon after a fake happiness, I have become overwhelmed with the anxiety of getting infected from contaminated gloves!

One mistake the Lady who did the blood drawing made is by changing the gloves. I did not think it posed any risks at all until I thought it through. Just before I entered the room, she had performed her job to another person who had the same test like me too. Five minutes later, after consulting, she used exactly the same tray to keep alcohol patches in which she kept mine

Here are my assumptions:

She touched the previous person¡s small amount of blood (possibly while drawing the sample.) and the blood is infected the blood or virus was still on tray
The blood was wiped off or remained so little to notice, but there were some viruses left over on the gloves (No visible blood or fluid on the gloves, though i did not observe thoroughly)
Five minutes later, she picked a new piece of alcohol-soaked cotton with those contaminated gloves to wipe the blood-drawing area before drawing my blood and left it there when the blood was drawn (she used another alcohol swipe to wipe and afterwards to block the blood from flowing out after withdrawing the needles)

Here are my questions:

1.What is the likelihood of getting infected this way?

2. Can you say that the possibility is nil?

3.No test is needed?

4.Can viruses in dried and invisible form (I assume)pass on from the gloves onto the brand-new alcohol-soaked Strip and then to the outlet where my blood was drawn? ( It was at least 1 minutes interval before the cotton was touched)

5.Is 1 minute long enough for viruses to die, given invisible state with room temperature?

6.Can alcohol, I don¡t know what types, on the cotton immediately kill HIV virus upon contact? If not, how long?

6.If the viruses were alive, would it be sufficient in terms of quantity to infect me through the wound?
Again, I simply just didn¡t see any visible stain of blood or fluid on the gloves at all.
Does pressing and holding alcohol strip cotton that carrying some HIV viruse on the wound for 10 minutes kill the virus or allow viruses to get into my bloodstream? (The way most doctors here usually do after every blood drawing to block the flowing).
Sorry I¡m not familiar with medical terms, but I did try my best to describe the situation, hope it¡s understandable.

this small thing ruins my life already. I talked to people, but no one can give me precise answer. I am desperately in need of the answer.

please answer the questions in points as i asked


Artificial vagina toy risk

Please help me with your advise
Is it possible to get infected either hiv or any other STI from a new sealed artifical vagina sex toy brought from a sex toy shop.
Will hiv survive on the inside of the toys if its used before nd not properly cleaned for a long time.
Having a throat irritation nd skin irritation on abdomen nd back without any rashes for a month is a sign of early hiv symptoms. Which i got after a month of using the sex toy.
I have not had any other sexual activty other than the usage of sex toy for a period of 3 month.

confused after test . Steel tray and alcohol patch


i went for a test , a blood test , She cleaned the place from where the blood was drawn with alcohol Patch twice, used new gloves , for blood drawing used butterfly blood drawing needle , but when she was removing the needle she used another alcohol patch to stop little blood that comes out when needle is removed , while removing so there was some blood coming out , and it touched alcohol patch and gloves , i am only worries as when she teared the cover of alcohol patch the patches she kept in the box where old patches were kept ( like its a steel tray , she threw the old patches and cotton from it used on previous patient , kept sealed patches in the same tray and then picked them up and used the patches on me )

can this cause HIV or ant STD

please reply

Exposure risk


I recently had a blister pop on my hand (just from work i was doing on the weekend) and it has been healing for the last few days but is still red and healing. I recently shook hands with a women from a convent in Tanzania and without thinking i put out my right hand with the blister and it came into contact with her hand. I do not know for sure if she has AIDs but there is a much higher risk in that country so i wanted to check if i should be concerned or not.

Thank you.

Trashcan transmission

I attended an adult arcade that had trash cans inside. I reached down to move one and came in contact wit what I Assume was seamen. When in reaction I shook my hand I saw a small non bleeding paper cut. I am not sure if the fluid came in contact. I later learned clients at time ejaculated into the cans. What is my chance of getting HIV.

Books and pencil case

Today I had to carry books and a pencil case for my friend and I noticed he was bleeding and I don't know if there was blood on these items now I worried that I have hiv because I have large cuts on my hands and arm please help.


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