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Head Wound, HIV Risk?

I have big scar in face and have done scare rivision before 3 months after that I did Co2 laser surgery according to my skin doctor . There was a fresh cut made by Co2 laser, just a day after I went to local massage parlour.
A girl messaged me but her hands were not proper . We came close to each other and had tight hug and kiss also (not tounge kiss) . Our head rubbed with each other during that period (may be several times) and I felt pain in my fresh cut . I had forgeten everything at that movement but Now I am worried . I don't have sex but worry is can HIV transmits through my Fresh Injured Head as it was bloody just a day before (blood stopped but still cut was Fresh) . I am worried because we may have head to head encounter several times . I am worried her skin may have tiny moles and breaks through which HIV transmit in my Body . Her status is unknown. Plz

French Kissing, HIV Risk?

Hi I engage in an intense french kissing with a Russian prostitute, 3 to 5 min, a lot of saliva involved, I dont have any sore, cut or any major mouth injury, no blleding, but I may have a bleeding gum during that morning while I toothbrished my teeths, I didnt pay attnetion that particular morning, but I have some small bleeding while I toothbrished my teeths,

The lady dont have any visible cold sore on the lips, but I dont know If she may have any other injury inside the mouth, I didnt taste any blood during kissing, but I am concern, about HIV risk, assuming she is HIV positive

Contact with a cup that had blood on it

I was at a restaurant and drank water from a small white porcelain cup. When I turned the cup to its side, I noticed a thin, bright red line on it (similar to that from a red pen). I had a suspicion that it was blood, and I used my finger to wipe it. It left a fading brown streak there and I was positive that it was blood. Immediately I went to wash my finger with water and soap rigorously, but at that time I did not wash my mouth at all until several hours after I left the restaurant.

My questions are the following:
1. Especially since the blood streak on the cup was bright red, I'm not sure if the blood was left there recently or not, so I cannot determine if it is no longer infectious. Could I possibly get an infection if my mouth/lips/gums come into contact with infected water? My lips do have some small wounds (not actively bleeding, but if I stretch my lips enough, a relatively deep wound is visible, almost as if my bottom lips have two pieces that are separate from each other. That evening, when I was brushing my teeth, my gums also had blood coming out from them, so I am also afraid that my gums were also vulnerable at that time.

2. If my mouth, lips, or gums came into direct contact with the blood streak left on the cup, what are the risks of infection?

3. What about consuming water that came into contact with blood? What are the risks?

3. I am reasonably positive that washing my finger (which had no wounds) should solve the issue, but I'd like a word of confirmation as well.

Should I seek treatment as soon as possible?

Hand Injury At Work Risk Assessment

Hi. I recently injured my finger at work. The cut is not deep but not superficial either. It was bleeding quite a bit. My coworker rushed me to another room and then simply grabbed a clean tissue from the lobby and gently put it on my finger to make it stop bleeding and also using it as a bandage. He just put the tissue on my finger. He didn't press or directly touched my finger.

Was this situation a potential risk for HIV and Hep C transmission knowing that he did touch the tissue before putting on my finger and my finger was still bleeding at that time? I carefully watched his hands/finger and saw no blood on the tissue whatsoever but I am still really concerned about what happened.

Thank you.

Had a oil massage in Thailand 10 days ago

Hi I was in Thailand and had a oil massage and it ended in masturbation and ejaculation is there any chance I could of acquired hiv from this exposure I have a girlfriend here and now I'm worried if we have sex will I give her something thanks, as am notbsure if the guy before me that's saying if she had one if she washed her hands or possible she had cuts on them.

A drunk lady wiped her profusely bleeding palm or hands on my forearm

So I was walking last night along the sidewalk when a random drunk lady whose hand was bleeding profusely ( she hid her hand in her jacket) suddenly touched my forearm with her bleeding hand. I got so much blood on my forearm which i then washed to a nearby restaurant's washroom, it took me couple of mins to get to the washroom so it kind of dried on my forearms. And While i was about to go in the restaurant to wash she ran away with her friend and wont answer my question if she has any disease like hiv or any bloodborne disease. I have a small wound on the side of my posterior palm that i covered with bandage. Some blood stained the side of the bandage but not on top of the wound. I have no other wound on my forearm except very few redspot (like one or two petechiae) Probably it was around 15 ml of blood that stained my right forearm that i washed. I tried not to get my wound wet so as not to get any blood on it. Im not sure if a little water went to my wound while washing. It is small wound from burn that hasnt healed yet. Im just a bit worried. also im not sure if small bits of blood went anywhere else in my skin/ Should i get checked asap? What are the risks of getting hiv if ever she was hiv positive who doesnt take any medication. please help.

Road traffic accident contact

Hi, iam Ramesh from india
I had a small wound (2mm) at the dorsal side of my left middle finger with little blood. After half an hour while travelling , saw a man (lorry driver) got injured at road. He had multiple cut wounds but blood has already dried. I helped him by holding his hands and legs. Some amount of sweat and mud over his body came into contact with my palms but not at my wound. After that i washed my hands with plain water.
Iam afraid that his sweat could have mixed with his blood and it would have come into contact with my wound during hand wash. Also high number of lorry drivers in india have hiv, though iam not sure about this person..
Kindly advise..

will HIV get by eating food with HIV positive blood?

I am having a bad habbit of eating tobacco with betel nut and betel leaf(a street food). Me and My friend eat this food and my friend saw that his finger is broken but my friend doesn't told me that. we both ate it. but the problem is when I am eating that my mouth have "open wound and open sores", If the blood is HIV+ what are the chances of getting this disease. pls help me....

Blood on toilet seat


I hope I can get some reassurance on this matter. Last Friday, I entered a female bathroom cubicle as soon as someone else vacated it and I neglected to check if there was anything on the toilet seat before sitting down to urinate. When I got up, I noticed there were some dried red stains on the seat which may or may not be blood. I'm now afraid that I might have actually sat on fresh blood and the reason why I didn't see the liquid blood was because my buttocks might have rubbed up against it. I was wondering if there was any risk HIV transmission from this action. I didn't check if I had any cuts on the part my buttocks that came into contact with the blood but I would think if there was a deep, open wound that was gushing with blood I'd have felt some sort of pain but I didn't. Was wondering if the HIV virus could be contracted from superficial fresh cuts coming into contact with fresh blood on a surface (this would be the worst case scenario in my situation). Would really appreciate a response on this and whether I need to get myself tested.


Is it possible to get infected from a drop of dry blood on a derma roller?

hi Ist possible to get infected of hiv on a derma roller if someone put a drop of blood on it? Ive ordered a derma roller, sealed and new but upon opening I saw some kind of dried blood thing on it, not sure , it looks like a blood or rust.i got my facial hair newly shaved that day but i cant remeber if I cut my self, then after 2 weeks I got a mild cough but not a dry cough since it has some plem..that goes on for a couple of weeks well its like a morning sickness that I feel it in the morning and at sometime of the day, since Im from a tropical country so I leave my window open at night since its summer it gets hot at night, then after a month I got my self tested Test Results

HIV 1 & 2 (Quali)
Method Immunochromatography

TP-PA (Qualitative) <1:80 NEGATIVE NEGATIVE

ist conclusive? and also if i think i got expose to virus 6 yrs ago which im not sure if I got expose ist also conclusive? thanks..


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