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Hiv from sniffing anus and farts while rubbing nose in there

Hi there, a few days ago i rubbed my nose in a womans anus while she farted directly in my nostrals, im scared because i think she has hiv , whats my risk of getting it?
Please dont ignore my question im worried.

Hiv transmission. Please please clarify as I'm losing my sleep over this.

Hi. I've a question regarding hiv transmission. I used to visit a salon regularly 3-4 years back where ladies,trans people get waxed. I used to get my under arms waxed there. The lady used to use the SAME steel wax applicator and SAME hot wax to everyone who came for waxing. Since I would get my underarm waxed, the hairs are thick and I used to bleed a lot in the process. She would apply the same wax with the help of same applicator on my BLEEDING skin to remove the rest of the hair. Obviously she double dipped too. The wax used was lemon sugar mixture heated to some degree in a steel container. If a client before me had hiv and bled the same way and the same double dipped wax was used on my bleeding skin, will I get hiv too? Does HIV survive in reused hot lemon sugar(glucose) mixture or spread through the use of same steel applicator for everyone? I also realized I got chicken pox in those years, not sure if this was due to that. Please clarify as I'm losing my sleep over this. I'm in a state of panic. Thanks in advance.

Massage Parlour

First of all, congratulations for this project. It not only help people all over the world as it also gives credibility because Canada its a very serious country, so people know they can rely on you without any doubts.

My doubt its about a massage I did in a business trip to China recently. Only massage, nothing else, in a very top hotel, and very clean place. The massagist even wear mask to make it, but I know this does not concern my question. Anyways, I am 40 years old and have some pimples in my back, always had, now that I am turning older pimples are becoming less and less, but still have some (not too much, just usual as many men do). So, I always check the hands of the massagist before making massage to check to see if she doesn't have any cuts or something similar. As the light wasn't so strong as it was a relaxing place, I could not see anything. But at the end when I turn on the normal light I could see small pimple NOT in the palm of her hands (where she uses to do the massage), but on the back (may not even have touch my back). But it was very small, like a mosquito bite (not blood or anything like it) just like a very small pimple (about 1 millimeter, very very small).

Anyways, my concern is if the little pimple on the back of her hands may have touched the pimples of my back, is there any chance to have contracted HIV. I did went to my doctor back home as precaution and he told me 100% NO, but its always good to have a second opinion from such a well respected institution as yours.

Thanks a lot for the attention.


Dear volunteers
Before 10 months Went to massage parlor, No oral, No anal, No vaginal, No fingering, No handjob ,No kissing, No foreplay, No masturbation, masseur lady were dressed on (wearing pyjama and Tshirt from beginning to end of massage session, my Concern is, that time i had several skin cracks due to cold sore at the back of my hands especially at knuckles, where I had noticed some time blood seepage,

I did not inserted my hand inside her pajama or T.Shirt but if vaginal secretion could dripped out (leak) from her pajama and touched my cold sore hand skin cracks, I am not sure if any cracks was with active seepage of blood during massage session, but this was sure my hand touched her vaginal portion while massage when she stand and stayed very close to my hand and when she was moving around massage table
I do not know her HIV status, she is negative or positive
My question is
Question 1- assume hand was placed at the place, where her HIV infected vaginal secretion dripped out (leak) from her pajama and touched my cold sore hand skin and cracks immediately, especially at knuckles, assuming the cracks was with active blood seepage?
Considering above situation, can put at risk of acquire HIV infection?
Question 2-Masseur lady give me towel to cover groin portion, I am not sure if towel was used by someone before or was unused, Assuming that towel was used by someone and had HIV infected fluids which is touched my penis urethral opening?
Considering above situation, can put at risk of acquire HIV infection?
What’s your recommendation based my situation; I need to go for HIV antibody test? Or relax, no need any test?
I thank you all volunteer at this forum and appreciate, you are doing very good job

Embarrassing Scenario

Hello. I have some pretty severe scrapes from masturbation. They have never bled or anything. After working out yesterday at the gym, I showered. I accidently dried my penis/entire body with a used, dirty towel from someone else...have no idea who. Since my penis has scrapes on it, could I put myself at risk for hiv?


can hiv transmitted through dirty water

last week i was masturbating and after it i peed and after that due to low(dim) light i washed my urethra by dirty water which we usually store for flushing bathroom after washing cloths.Is there chances of spreading hiv from that dirty water.Please answer my question i am very nervous about it.

Potentially semen/urine in food

Hello Aids Vancouver,

Recently I was walking around in my house naked after putting all of my dirty laundry
in the washing machine. I realized that I hadn't showered yet after I had self pleasure.
I also realized that some of the bodily fluids may or may have been present as I walked
and may have splashed some of my urine/semen into one of the huge rice packet and
dog food packet, some of which were open. Whether it was open or not, the fluid may have
landed inside the packets and outside. If it was splashed on the outside of the packet, the
fluid could be easily removed with a tissue paper. But it also came in contact with some of the
inside of the packets. I am panicking and I don't know what else to do. I just want to completely
sanitize both the packets that may have my semen/urine inside. If I try santizing it any other way,
it would only spread it more to the rice and dog food (kibbles) inside the packets.
To clarify, these packets are huge
and contain big amounts of these contents in two separate packets. Not only that,
these packets were on the floor with the opening exposed. I'm not sure how long this
happened but its been an hour or so and I don't know if
this increases the risk...

Would this be a risk of spreading HIV or STD? I know I was tested HIV negative and never had sexual intercourse.
I don't want my dogs to starve but I have no idea what I should do. I'm also afraid of asking this issue
to my parents because they don't take this information seriously. Whether or not if there is or isn't a risk, I still want to find out how I could perhaps sanitize these packets from the bodily fluids that I potentially splashed. I
heard that wiping the semen with toilet paper would decrease the risk. And I know food can't transfer HIV if
there's semen/urine on it. Lastly, the concentration of semen and a urine is relatively equal but I still find this very unsanitary. Please help!

Thank you so much!

Can I get HIV from a shower head?

I went into the shower and used a detachable shower head to wash my body including my body parts, penis and anus included. I am slightly paranoid when it comes to hiv/std's infections. If someone had used the shower head immediately before for masturbating and some body fluids were left on the shower head would that pose a risk for me when I used it to spray myself with the water, an awful lot of water coming out from this shower head? Thanks for taking the time to alleviate my anxiety.

HIV infection from home based test


A few days ago I bought a HIV kit. there is a needle in the pack. I pierced my finger with that needle and put my blood in the kit. I'm afraid the needle was infected with the virus. Is it possible to get HIV and hepatitis with needle?

HIV Risk from Pubic Lice, Scabies, and Body Lice?

can pubic lice, scabies and body lice transmitt hiv ? my friend is hiv positive. he stays with me sometimes and now realized that have body lices, pubic lices and i am afraid of it. it is danger for mi about hiv ?


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