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No Risk

Very Worried, Please Help - HIV and Milk


Can HIV survive in cow milk? I'm concerned that somehow, someone has contaminated the milk I bought, with HIV, and I'm worried of ingesting said milk, and/or getting it on my hands and then transferring it to other places such as inside anus/penis when washing/going to the toilet.

Please Help Scab

Hello. I have a question. i had a scab on my right thumb. And thats where cum ended. Is there any chance of infecting hiv? scab is already 5 6 days before this event. it didnt hurt, it didnt bleed. i hope you understood the question. sory for my bad english!

Negative but high risk and red flag symptoms

Please help me !
Two years ago 2017 (april - may) I had four times short unprotected intercourse with a women who died after 2 months due to AIDS. After knowing she was dead due to TB and AIDS I tested in immunochromatography (2 months), result was non-reactive. Again tested on 5 months (same test), result was unchanged. After more than a year 2018 october I tested on Alere 3rd gen rapid test at home. Result was negative. But now today 2019 august 28, I am infected with flu or common cold which has became very common after that threatening event. The thing that is haunting me is that I have developed small thrush at the corner of the left lip and I can gurantee it. I have also the fear of developing pneumonia due to the frequent resperitory infection. And last, one month ago I developed warts on penis meatus.
My question is that should I go for checkup and testing. Or should I wait for recovery of myself of both infection. Anexity has striked me again with the thrush.
Waiting for your suggestion.

Dental instrument cut hand

Just wanted to know the chance of transmission from a sharp dental object cutting you after 6-7 days sitting in dirty area waiting to be bagged and sterilised? If instrument still had dried blood etc would that increase chance? I've read hiv would be inactivated as its exposed to air but other answers say low risk so just wanted to ask.


Need clarification on risk

Hi Team,

Last night I met an online friend and the below has happened.

We just played with bodies.

I didn't remove my pant.

I touched his penis which was slightly wet.

I bit on chest and played with nipples.

My partner didn't touch my penis also we didn't kiss. My partner just hugged me and touched my butts.

All the time I didn't remove my pant and partner didn't touch my penis too.

I don't know whether he is effected or not. However, I wanted to know whether I am at risk with the above mentioned process between us.
Kindly help me on this.

Risk of HIV infection or hep C after contact with dried blood?


I visited a wax bar for the first time a couple days ago and they provided vaginal wipes to freshen up before waxing. The wipes are individually packaged and the one I got had brown stains on the package. I didn't think much of it at first, thinking it's coffee/tea stains. Anyway, I opened the package and used the wipe. After waxing, I bled a little and was told it can happen. Once I got home, it crossed my mind that the brown stain may have been dried blood. I don't think the wipe touched the packaging but I am quite worried and concerned since I did use the wipe on myself. Is there any risk of HIV infection or hepatitis C in this case? Do I need to get tested? I've been really anxious about this and would really appreciate any advice you can give.

Pricked with a sewing needle

Hi, I lived for a couple of days with a person whose status is hiv+. She told me her viral load was undetectable at the moment due to medication. One afternoon I accidentaly pricked my finger 3 times with a sewing needle which was stuck on my bag. I'm not sure whether that sewing needle pricked her seconds before (at least 10 seconds before) or not. Given the case she also pricked herself, Am I at risk of transmission? I am very concerned, thanks in advance.


I was involved in mutual masterbation with another man. He handjob himself and then gave me a handjob with the same hand. Though he did not ejaculate, I noticed he had some precum on his penis. I am concerned that he may have his precum on my penis after he touched himself and then help me masterbate. Am I at risk? Please answer. Thanks

Is it possible to get HIV from toilet bowl water?

I washed my butt with water from the toilet bowl a couple of times, and am wondering if it's possible to get HIV from it.

living in anxiety and fear

Hi, Hope you can help me
I had the following incident last month
i had come across a girl of unknown status. she was a massage therapist. i touched her breast , not lactating , i touched her vagina superficially with palm -no penetration . she sit on my legs naked and rubbed vagina on legs for few secs. I had no cuts or sores bleeding. Then she gave me handjob, which i finished my self. now i am really worried from this. I am feeling nervous that i have got hiv from her. she told me that she was tested negative in march 19. i am living in fear of hiv. not able to concentrate . googling every time about symptoms and information on transmission of hiv. Ihave started losing weight due to fear. Please help me what should i do. I am really worried mind is thinking negative all 24 hrs


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