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Hiv test kits safety

Hi sir / madam ,
I want to get info about hiv test kits contaning hiv antigen and antibodies ...during test i touch the sample pad of kits ...i just want to confirm and detail information about the antibodies and antigen are harmless and noninfectious .

"it contain monoclonal biotinylated anti hiv p24 antibody ...a conjugate pad contain monoclonal anti hiv p24 antibody colloidal selenium and hiv 1 and hiv 2 recombinant antigen collidoal selenium and a nitrocelloluse membrane with a immobilized mixture recombinant and synthetic peptide hiv 1& 2 antigen in the lower test area, immobalize streptavidine in the upper test area and immobalized mixture of anti hiv 1 antibodies , hiv 1 and 2 antigens and hiv 1 p24 recombinant antigen and anti hiv 1 p24 monoclonal antibody in the control area ".
Exatly same text were there ...what does it mean and what type of these antigens and antibodies are used in hiv test kits while manufacturing ... are these harmless or infectious if touch with pricked finger ... i just want to know what kind of these terms .... any dr or biochemist or any full educated person can help me ... help me plz just this one question remains in my mind

in a taxi

hello. i am quite freaking out although my brain tells me, this might be ok. but i need some feedback from professionals (thank you very much in advance!). i took taxi with my 9yrs old son. him sitting in the back, me in the front, only when we started, i noticed some strange things. not very clean car, the driver was weird, looked like junkie, pale, skinny, laughing strangely, and then I noticed he was high! (then I asked him to stop). I thought such thing was not possible, but it looks like it is. his hands were full of some strange scabs, not healed completely, looking red and fresh, and now I am completely out of my mind. Please, in case, we touched the interior of the car, (especially my son fell on the bike and had some scratches, not healed yet and you know, some small wounds and scratches as every 9yrs old has), he also keeps picking his nose and biting his nails. When I am nervous I touch my eyes and nose and I have herpes in my nose at the time. In case we did touch some blood, which maybe was fresh, is there any risk please? he opened the door and we both touched the same doorknobs immediately, etc.. and in case there were some other bodily fluids old some time but not completely dry yet... (as you can see i am completely paranoid now) thank you very much. maybe this sounds unbelievable and awkward but it is true and I am really out of my mind for the second day,... (maybe i am so stressed because this situation seems so... unreal.

HIV from self-exposure


Something strange happened to me. This may sound a little strange question but I wanted to ask. I'm HIV negative, I had tested two months ago. Today, I was masturbating and accidently my own sperm came into inside my eyes and ears. Can I somehow get HIV from my sperm if it directly contacts my eye, mouth or ears?

Thank you.

ARS symptoms

Recently on holiday I developed a skin rash on my lower and upper arms, both sides, only on the outer side, not the inner side. Not stingy at first I turned burning (like a cold burn sensation) overnight. I was worried and contacted a local doctor. He wasn't sure what to make of it and said it was a viral infection/rash in combination with an allergic reaction and he prescribed a cortisone cream to apply. At home 4 days later -the rash had subsided a bit, but came back I went to my generalist doctor and she said it would be more like a hives reaction to sun exposure or sun cream lotion. As I was about to depart on another trip she gave me a cortisone injection. The rash then disappeared with that. 2 weeks after this rash, and a week after the cortisone injection I get night sweats for about 6 nights. I now worry sick that both are related and are ARS symptoms.

My last sexual contact goes back 11 weeks prior to this rash and was what I believe a safe contact: some physical contact, some licking (balls, pubic area, but not the penis), mutual masturbation, being facesit and some kissing there but no real rimming) and me giving oral sex with a condom. I am in general panicky about body liquids (saliva, sweat, precum, cum) and avoid that. Despite this and in hindsight and in relation to the rash and the night sweats I am overwhelmingly afraid and wonder if there might have been a risk there.

To calm my mind, I am extremely anxious to take a test -have always been in the past- I am trying to find some very concrete answers with relation to ARS symptoms

1. Can conversion symptomps occur as late as 11 weeks after a contact?
2. Do ARS symptomps present themselves at the same time - the rash and the sweats are 2 weeks apart.
3. Are the symptomps as described above consistent with ARS symptoms in your professional opinion.

Thank you very much for your advise!

dried my hands with a paper towel that had dried blood and then ate something

So I was at the grocery store and I used the bathroom and washed my hands and dried them with a paper towel from the dispenser. I don't know if the person that installed the roll had a cut but it seemed that every time I pulled a towel out it looked like dried blood. I already used two towels before I noticed. But the problem is I used the bathroom when I first got to the store, used the towels, then shopped and had a snack while I shopped. It wasn't until my second visit to the bathroom to wash my hands b/c of the sticky snack I realized the towels had stuff on them. IF that was blood, and I used the towels and had a snack, are there any risks? Thanks I have a canker sore inside my mouth as well. THanks.

Hiv from sharing food

the other day I gave a piece of meat to my uncle no sure if he to a bit or tore it with his hands, lets say he got a bite, then he passed it back and I ate it. I did not have any cuts in my mouth. about 10 minutes later I accidentaly bit made my toung bleed a bit. I am really scared maybe I couuld Hiv. Please help

Handjob with eczema at public hair area.


I live in Cambodia, where hiv is high rate in here. Recently I has a session of handjob by a CSW. We were both naked and no other sexual contact exact she used her hands on my uncircumcised penis. Assume she is hiv positive with high viral load, I have 4 questions:

1. She did use her hand that did hand job on me touch her vagina inside and have some vagina fluid while performing the handjob. Am I at risk of HIV in this activities?

2. I have a tiny eczema at public hair of my penis. But so far I remembered she did not touch that place. So can a drop of vagina fluid on that eczema bring me risk of HIV?

3. I really love my wife and I wish you get your expertise answer. Can I continue my sexual life with my long term partner?

4. Do I need to take HIV test base on this (Handjob with vagina fluid and few tiny eczema at pubic hair) ?

Toilet Backspalsh

Hi! I recently peed on a public restroom. I squatted and peed. I didn’t touch the seat nor any part of my body touched the seat. As I finished peeing I saw there were some droplets of blood on the seat and I’m worried if I can contract HIV from that considering if some of it backsplashed on my vagina. Please help. I’m really worried.

Thank you.

HIV risk

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am just writing to seek clarification if I am at risk of HIV acquisition on an incident in a bathhouse.

A guy approached me then started sucking my left nipple then all of a sudden he grabbed my penis and rub the head. Immediately, I exited the room and went directly to the shower. No other activities were done. Am I at risk for HIV? Thank you very much for your response.

Hiv exposure

Hi i’ve been to a nail salon in which i am not sure if they do sterilize their tools they clean my nails which led to a cut that does not bleed i am so afraid if i am expose to hiv transfussion thanks


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