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can HIV spread through environment?

This might be a strange question but scenario that has happened to me is something unusual. I was at a saloon and was getting my beard shaved, razor was new but it did cut me. later the barber used some stone (its called spathika stone ) to wipe my blood off saying this stone works as antiseptic. I didnt realise what he was doing at that time. I am worried now because the same stone might be used for others too. are there any chances of transferring HIV virus this way? stone wasnt kept in a moist environment. do reply, thank you.

possible blood contact

I was sleeping in the bed with my friend, who is diagnosed and i had fresh grazes on my skin (i fell on the ground and hurt myself). What is the possibility, that if she had some open cuts on her skin, there could be transmission to my body?

Wound in the fingure

I had sex with prostitutes in two days back and i did fingering also just some seconds. In the next morning while bathing i noticed a wound in my finger. I think it was append from her dress. Through this any chance is there for AIDS and when I can do HIV test. Please help me on this

can i get hiv aids through deep kissing

yesterday i just deep kiss a girl. i dont know her hiv status. i dont have any wounds in my mouth.but now i m
having high fever and flu .
plz help me plz

At home HIV testing

when taking an at home HIV test, if you have a line across the C and a faint line across the T section...is it possible that it's a false positive?

can i belive serum antiobies test of hiv1 and 2 after 8 months

i deeply kissed a prositute before 9 months ago..i know kissing is a low risk activity ,bt ma tongue was burned by a tea before kissing and ma mouth was ulcer also.there would be tongue involed in the kissing just 10 seconds..that was a mistake by me i totally worried after this..i loose ma weight by this incident
i tested hiv card test after 60 days it was neagtive ..my weight was gained more than older bt now after 8 months ni caught a mild fever and i have a very small pain on knee it is persist more than 2 months and some rashes were seeing in ma skin so i worried and i tested serum antibodies aganist hiv 1 and 2 after 8 months it was non reactive ,,bt i am still worries and serching every day about hiv on internet. i i have some question
1- can i belive ma test report
2- how much realiable hiv antibody test of serum after 8 months
3- i have a very small knee pain sometime,and it never goes ..

touched guy dicks with my ripped calluses and it shoots blood, does that mean If he have hiv I got it?

english is not my first language so please understand that. I am a guy in early 20s from Turkey. I work at turkish bath where I clean people bodies. sometimes for extra tip I'll give the foreign clients a handjob while I give them the turkish bath.
couple of months ago, this nice gentlemen gave me huge tip before I did and ask me to give him handjob and moments later there was blood coming out of his penis and I touched it with my hand. I have ripped or torn calluses in my palms due to workout. those calluses didn't have blood out of them at all but it is just hard skin. the guy apologize and told me he is clean and not to worry. he gave me huge tip..
I am afraid to do hiv blood test because in our small town those who do it will be known as secretly gay and I am really scared to do it. I asked one of the doctors that I visited in another city and he said not to worry about it at all because the chance of transmitting anything is 0
is he right?


Hello, I was walking past a homeless man today that I have seen once before and he spoke to me. As I walked past and said hello we went for a slight handshake but I don't recall feeling anything more than his fingers. As I saw his palm it looked as though he had a long cut across his palm that didn't appear to be dripping so I assume it was a scab. As I said before I do not recall touching that much of his hand but unsure. As I walked past, my fingers that made contact with his hand felt slightly wet, I was unsure if this was due to me worrying over nothing but with close inspection to my fingers there was no smell or colour so I doubt it was blood or semen if any liquid at all. I have a habit of scratching the sides of my nails and I have got parts of skin pulled off, almost like it's cracked although there is no blood that spills from them (not sure if this is considered an open cut)..

This homeless man doesn't seem completely mentally stable, I am unsure if this is due to alcohol or drugs although both are common in my area. I'm worried that I might have caught HIV through the brief encounter with this man. Any explanation of the risks would be great, maybe I'm being stupid but would rather be told that by somebody else.

Toilet bowl contact with hand/open cut

I'm a bit obsessive compulsive about this, but I was using a semi-public restroom at my office and dropped something in the toilet. Without thinking, I reached it to retrieve it, washed my hands well, and then noticed two small cuts on the same hand I reached into the toilet bowl with. They weren't actively bleeding but had been bleeding the day before, and I completely forgot about them. Washed my hands again and sanitized them, but I can't get this out of my head. Any risk of HIV transmission?

HIV risk

hi, my gf and i got tested for chlamydia and other stds, and we came out positive for chlamydia, and negative for every other std (HIV, herpes, etc).

We got treated for chlamydia and couple days later we boh came back negative for chlamydia. couple days later, she gave me a hand job that led to me getting a scab on my shaft. the next day we had unprotected sex and noticed the scab fell off and very minor cut where the scab used to be. we had unprotected sex about 4 times when my scab fell off and noticed that she was on her period for the last sexual encounter (blood while having sex on my penis from her period). We always wash up after having sex.

MY question is, is it possible to get some type of STD or HIV due to the fact i had a small cut on my penis while she was on her period while we had sex? we both tested negative for all std's including HIV, herpes, syphillis etc. We tested positive for chlamydia, but got treated and then we had sex when tests came back negative. What is my risk for HIV? or any other STD?


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