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Can HIV survive in Neosporin if infected blood has been dipped into it?

Blood on mouthpiece

After having a struggle with the doc, next visit i took the mouthpiece of the lung function tester in my mouth without checking for dirt. I worry what if s.o. put HIV Blood on it? Risk?
6 weeks after this i felt tired (like burnout).
Would you give me an advice? Thank you.

Toilet bowl

Yesterday I had to use a public toilet. While doing my business some water from the bowl splashed on my anus zone which is somewhat irritated and has small scratches. Could it be dangerous if the person who used the bathroom before me had HIV? I know you say HIV dies with the air but I don't know if it is the same in the water (water toilet in this case)… I should say I couldn't wash my anus zone until six hours later, I don't know if it is important. Thank you for your answer and I apologize if I have grammar errors (English is note my first language).


I was wondering if HIV can be transmitted thru an impacted tooth while kissing? I have an impacted tooth that doesnt really bleed not unless you suck on the gum exposed really hard

Mutual masturbation Std worries

I was cuddling with this guy and this ended up in Mutual masturbation. The guy was tested for stds half a year ago and had nothing. He has done nothing but Mutual masturbation with 2-3 other guys. We both did not cum but there was some Pre-cum that touched my hand and my penis and perhaps my anus(i have an anal fissure, not bleeding at the time). Should i be worried about Hiv/other stds? I'm really worried that i have an std now, please help. Thanks for your time

hiv bare hands piercing

Hi... yesterday I had a non sexual activity which is making me worry about hiv. I went to have my scrotum pierced with a friend helping me. He pierced my scrotum with sterile equipment, but before it he rubbed my balls with bare hands and didn't swab them after. I asked him if before it he was masturbating and he said no, but what if he lied? I think.. what if he was jerking and then touched my testicles with bare hands and then he pierced my scotum... could this lead hiv to my bloodstream?

Toilet seat

This is a really stupid question. I acknowledge that. Just trying to put my mind at ease and also find out the risk of exposure. I was in a hurry yesterday morning at a bagel shop. Long story short I accidently touched my tampon applicator on a public toilet seat while using the restroom. Was in hurry and not paying attention and inserted it. I realized what I did 2 seconds later and took it out and replaced it with a new one. Went home and cleaned as best as I could. I have been using pads since to decrease risk of TSS. What is risk of contracting HIV or hep C? There was no visible blood, but it also wasn't the cleanest restroom I have ever seen. What is risk of exposure and should PEP be started? Thank you.

HIV on Peanut Butter Spread

I just bought a Nutella from the supermarket. But I noticed when I opened it, it wasn't sealed completely. But the oil is on top and looks untouched. So I mixed it and ate it with bread. My worry is that someone might have dripped blood into the nutella and me causing to have hiv. Please help.

Hiv scared

Can i get Hiv from a handjob by gay ?

Small cut in contact with pipe and clothes


This morning I got a small cut on my thumb, approx 1-2cm. Then later in the evening, about 12 hours later, I came into contact with the clothing and a pipe of a person who has HIV. The pipe was a small glass pipe. This pipe was not being used by the person or I at the time, and I did not use the pipe, though I'm certain the person has used the pipe before. I merely may have touched it for a split second, I honestly don't even recall if I touched it with my bare hand, but I may have. I also handled some of the person's clothing and bedding that had been sitting on the ground for a while. I handled these items prior to my knowledge of the HIV status of the person. Is there any chance I may have contracted HIV? Thanks


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