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No Risk

Do I need a further Test?

I had a encounter of mutual masturbation, where I fingered the lady and then masturbated self with Vaginal Fluid on my fingers and that fluid may have came in contact with my Penis.

I had SERUM HIV(I & II)AG/AB( Combo) Test with Method : Chemiluminescent Immunoassay on day 15th and Day 29th and both the results are as under:

15th Day: 0.24 S/Co : Non Reactive
29th Day: 0.11 S/Co : Non Reactive

1. Can I Conclude that I am not infected on the basis of the Test results?
2. Is the above mentioned test 4th generation?
3. If I need to take the same test for a conclusive result, when should I take it again?

Thanks in advance for your knowledge sharing and support.

hiv by touching blood on door knob of aids center with finger cut.

** **** ** Hi sir. i am from a poor country and i can't speak english well. please edit my questions then answer it. i am so worry and i cry every day. i want to commit suicide because of getting hiv.
my question:
two weeks ago i went to a aids center. my finger had a cut. i touched the doorknob. many hiv possetive person touched it too. if there was some blood on the doorknob is it any risk to get hiv from cut finger? i am so worry because i read the hiv virus can live about 40 days in the blood. i have runny nose and feel burning when i breath. please help me.
the reason of going to aids center: i went to barber shop and barber cut my face with the clipper and did not bleed.
i am so worried. please help me.

Blood in my fried chicken. Help me please

Please help me with my concerns.

Im so stress because yesterday me and my wife bought a fried chicken, when we are already eating the chicken i notice some small blood in my chicken (neck part). I remember about deseases or viruses that human can get in bloods, like HIV. Im scared if i can get HIV from the blood of a chicken. What if the chicken is infected with hiv i know this sounds "funny" because i have some cuts in my lips due to cold weather. But as i remember when we buy the friend chicken it is deep fried in the pan, i saw it.. So please heres my questions.

My questions our:
*can chicken transmit hiv? Or be a carrier?
*do hiv survive in cooking like deep frie food?
*why does chicken can or cannot be infected by hiv? Is there any study about why chicken cannot carry this virus? Even if someone
intentionaly inject hiv blood in chicken?
*do i need test?

Note: sorry for my poor english, i hope you understand my situation. Thank you so much. I hope you can help my with my questions.

herpes in contact with blood

hello. I was eating restaurant food, and in the middle of my food I saw something blood-like on the chopped cheese on my plate. I could whip it with napkin from the cheese and it was all red. I am quite afraid the guy who chopped it could cut himself while chopping and it just fell in my food. I have herpes on my lips at the moment and it is not healed and it is on the part which just comes to contact with food all the time and I cant avoid it. the cheese was on the top and so the blood was not cooked / heated, I ate the food five minutes from the time when I picked it up from the waitress. I dont know if it is considered on air, if is was also mixed inside the sauce, and I ate some pieces before I realized it might be blood on it. Am I at risk? Would hiv die in this situation prior to the time I ate it? Thanks a lot for your help!!

Is it posible for a fish to be infected by the hiv virus? Or be a carrier?

Good day.. Something is giving me anxiety.. Sorry for my poor english, but i hope you can help me.. I have a few questions about my case involving hiv.

Last week me and my family had a vacation in (coron palawan here in philippines) we stayed at the floating houses near the sea shore where there are many tourist also renting for a trancient rooms or renting for a small houses like ours. Eventualy those houses dont have a septic tanks. 1 morning me and my cousins decided to catch fish using fish hooks, we catch 12 fish with the fish hooks and we put it in the small container, i decided to put some natural water in the container from a fauset. After 30 mins my cousin accidentaly pour the water in the fish container in my foot where i have a open cut wound. After that i remember the water from the fish container has a blood of fish we caught on the sea side, what if the fish we caught is infected with hiv, or carries virus like hiv? Because i remember they live in the sea side where people wastes like poops, urine, vomits, spits (saliva) go. Im thinking that what if the fish eats some of the feces of people who is hiv positive or consume other human wastes containing hiv virus? Can a fish be infected of the virus? Can hiv virus survive in sea water? How well does hiv survive in salt water? Please understand my english.. Help me..


Hi. I've been going through hell recently, torturing myself. The situation happened at work. There was semen in soy milk I took from the fridge. I suspect one of the cleaners did it. I am terrified. I drank the milk with my coffee. The soy milk is a closed, sealed container that kept in the fridge might keep the virus alive, right? Also, I'm taking PPIs (I suffer from acid reflux) , so do not have stomach acid in my stomach. Please tell me if the situation posed me at any risk?

Sharing clothing

Hiv from sharing clothing straight after someone for photo shoot

pcr rna test

After 30 days of unsecured sex, p24, pcr rna test negative and 65 days after that, p24, pcr rna test negative tha pls i am safe ya no else other test

Scared for my baby

Hi there,

Thank you so much for this service. I have a relative that is HIV positive and I was recently with him. As he was saying goodbye, he touched my babies hand for a brief few seconds. Afterwards, I realized that my baby had a hangnail. I didn't see any bodily fluids on his hands but if by any chance my relative had a bodily fluid on his hands and then touched my baby is there a any chance that my baby could become infected? I am worried sick! My baby also recently had an ear infection, now every little thing I am worried is HIV. Thank you so much in advance for any possible insight.

rohit , here please help for the Sake of almighty

**** hi
i went to a massage parlor on 3rd feb 2019 , had a oil message , i didn't know the status of the girl , we didn't had sex , but she just gave me a hand job, my cum was on his hands , and 1st she has given me oil and cream massage ,
then i used towel to clean my body , then a wet towel to clean everything , it it possible that i may get hiv from that , massage , as i am having little fever and chills
if the towel has hiv virus
if she was hiv infected

please reply

in fear
please reply
i begg u


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