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No Risk

sharing underwear.

My friend (who has a lot of unprotected sex) told me I could use her shorts to sleep in so she took them off and gave them to me to put on. She wasn't wearing underwear with them and neither was I...she may have had some discharge in them when I put them on. Am I at risk?

HIV from finger nail scratch on shaft

Thank you for all the wonderful work you guys are doing!

I was fooling around with a woman of unknown status (Let's assume she is positive) and she put her finger in her vagina and then put it down my pants and accidently scratched my shaft. Could this transmit? Please answer

Pedestrian crossing button incident

Hi! I was crossing the street and I was in a rush...I smacked absentmindedly at the crossing button which had a metal arrow embossed on it (for the visually impaired). It had a sharp corner, which cut the tip of my finger. I crossed the street and looked at my cut and it bled some. I washed it off and it sealed up almost instantly. I started thinking about all the people that touch the button and whether I could have contracted anything. No one had touched the button in the minute or so while I was walking up, and I was really careful to go back and check to see if anything was coating the button (it was clean...no obvious fluids or blood on it). It is also out in the open, not quite in direct sun but there was a lot of light.

I understand the transmission equation...but I am hoping someone can PLEASE confirm that this is a no-risk episode? I know you're very busy, but it would help me immensely if anyone could respond.



Hi AIDS Vancouver Staff,
I have some questions that are not getting out of my mind.

I am a gay man, and I am just concerning about something. I was just wondering if H.I.V has any link with Neuropathy.
I am going to tell you a brief description what's going on.

Recently I have experienced some burning,tingling, pins and needles sensation in my legs and feet. I went to my primary Dr. and I was told I have plantar fasciitis.
The doctor put me on this medication for it. It looks like the medication is not doing any good for me. I'd also like to mention I am a "pre diabetic".

I got tested for H.I.V, it came back negative. It has been three months since I had sex for the last time. We just had mutual masturbation, showering together, kissing and some rubbing and came.

Just outta curiosity, I have Googled it, and all I can see there's a link between H.I.V and Neuropathy. At this point I am more worried and anxious than never.
I was just wondering if you are able to clarify my concerns.

I am experiencing some symptoms such as burning sensation in my legs and feet, weight loss, stomach issues, rash, itchy skin, and pimples, red bumps on my neck, groin area and face. I have not experienced any fever.
I’ve been really anxious and worried lately.
Can these symptoms be all related to H.I.V infection or just related to anxiety and stress?
These are the tests I’ve done so far:

Can this test be conclusive at 54 days?

I am currently on PreP. I started it couple months ago.
I got a 4th Generation Test (Blood drawn at Lab) after 30 days (follow up) and it came back negative.

Does PreP suppress or hide the virus in an H.I.V (4th Generation) Test while taking Prep daily?

Is there any link between H.I.V and Neuropathy Please help!

I have all these stuck on my mind, and I can't get over of it. The more I think, more anxious and worried I get. These past three months have been so overwhelming.

Thank you.

hiv from scratching skin

hello. english is not my first language , so sorry for mistakes.
i live in a country where hiv is not high prevalence ( czech republic) but my sister, a med student, scared me a couple of hours ago so i write to you for clarifications.
here is the situation.
I was walking outside and accidently scratched my arm on the neighbor's bell ( the little box on which the bell is located. On its edge). I did not see anyone walking in front of me, and the scratch was through the sleeve of my shirt. The scratch was/is red and raised but not bleed i think. As my sister was helping to put on a band-aid she said i can get hiv like that. is this true? Please let me know and please explain why yes or why no. Thank you!

Splinters and tweezers


I have a question about HIV transmission:
A friend of mine had a splinter in his finger and used my tweezers to remove it. After he used the tweezers I put them in a mug of boiling water and left them for two hours. After, I put them in a mug with kitchen floor cleaner and boiling water for 10-15mins then let them air-dry overnight. I used the tweezers about 12 hours after my friend to remove from dry skin from the inside of my nose.
I am almost certain that there is no risk for HIV transmission in this situation but I would just like some advice from your helpline.

Thank you.

cut on my finger


I had a very small cut in my finger, It had bleeded.

After 1 hour I went to sauna, touched to penis. I did not touch sperm but probably mail liquids, pre-cum. But there was no blood on my finger at that time.

What is the risk?


squeezed acne

Please answer because I am very worried
Today I have squeezed acne and bleeding
What I care about is a moment later I see my hand has a big bloody stain.
If the blood stain is of another person and when it is fresh, it comes into contact with blood when I squeeze the acne, I am at risk or no.
thanks you

unsterile procedure

I got two stitches from an accident, My concern is I wasn't sure if the instruments they used were sterile. I only noticed that the syringe and suture were new. But there was no noticeable blood stained on the instruments.
Would it be possible to transmit HIV from this. I was the only patient that night. I assume if there was HIV, then its been exposed to the environment.

Was this a risk???

Was this a risk???


Thank you so much for making this online resource available where people like me can get accurate information on Hiv and STDs.

My situation involved mutual masturbation with another guy. All that happened was that we masturbated each other without condoms. Nothing else happened: no kissing, no oral sex of any kind, no penetrative/anal sex. It was just masturbation which lasted for about 10 minutes. It happened in my car.

My concern is that the other guy ejaculated his semen on my hand. I cannot be sure if I had any minor scrapes or scratches on my hand at the time. Now when the semen got of my hand, it stayed there for about 5 minutes until I got a bottle of water and washed it off and then used hand sanitiser to clean the hand. I have been worried about this ever since. It happened last week Thursday night.

If this guy is HIV positive(maybe he is), was getting his semen on my hand a risk for HIV infection? Do I really need to test for HIV from this episode? I never engage in penetrative sex with anyone at all.

Finally, on another note, would you recommend that someone who is going to get a blow job/oral sex from someone else, that a condom be used?

Thank you for answering my questions.


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