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No Risk


Hello,I’ve pierced my ears many years ago but yesterday found that I couldn’t wear earings because I hadn’t used earings for long time and my ears holes were closed and had tiny layer of skin on their.so i used my earings to open the holes and it caused bleeding and inflammation. I’m not sure that those earings and my hands were clean or not,but I’m sure nobody use my earings at least for 2 days.so am i at any risk?thank you so much

Used Band-aid

i was in class when i noticed a bloody band-aid on the desk next to me. The blood seemed dried. Someone must have gotten ride of it because a guy sat down at that same desk, where the bloody band-aid used to be, and didn't seem bothered. My question is, since the band-aid was bloody and assuming it was HIV+, could the blood on it make it so that it would be unsafe to sit in that seat and use that table? Could the dry blood on the band-aid transfer HIV to the guys clothes? If he touched the dry blood and then went to the bathroom, could he get HIV? Or if i touched where the band-aid used to be, me being a woman, and then went to the bathroom or something could i get HIV? What if i get a cut after or before having touched it? Also, i want to know if it is possible to get HIV from blood if you touch it indirectly, as in touching a clothing that touched dry blood and then going to the bathroom? Is HIV transferable from object to object?

Wound during party


I was drunk and damaged my hand with sharp item. My wound was about one on one inch size and actively bleeding. I had no possibility to dress the wound, and one guest came and give me a strong handshake. I did not had a chance to hide my hand because he grab it. I do not know this guy and his status. Is it possible if he had blood on hand to infect me?

unknown white fluid

hello guys, terrific job here. !
I was entering the subway, and the guy next to me, hit my hand with his backpack.
I felt something liquid, and I saw a trasparent fluid (water or ...?) on my palm's upper side.
I am an ocd with hiv, yes, so I immediately wiped my palm with a napkin - it was clear -
and then I wiped it with alcohol.
Is there any risk of hiv infection, considering that my hand had no cuts, wounds etc ?
(what if it did, actually ? we often have minor cuts in hands.)

thanks a lot for your annswer, and the fabulous job you are doing here.



Can HIV be transmitted from tissues?

i was using a public CR and when it was my turn the toilet seat was kinda dirty and had a little gooey substance. i wiped it off with wet tissue ( didnt press the tissue to o hard on the seat) and used the toilet. after using the cr, i went out and forgot to disinfect my other hand which made contact with the tissue and accidentally made contact with my hands to my mouth after say 20 mins and panicked when i realized i had a little wound near my lip and just made contact with it. do you think this is alarming? thanks i didnt really directly touched the substance though just the tissue.

Question about possible large exposure to urine

Question about exposure risk. I sat down in a subway seat which had a questionable fluid on it. This fluid soaked the back of my sweater and part of my pants. It appears to have been part of a spill on the subway, likely beer since it was very sticky on the floor. When I smelled it, it smelled somewhat like old stale beer (had a sour smell to it), and did not have the frank smell that urine has. However, in the scenario that it was urine instead, what is my exposure risk from having a large amount of urine soak through my clothes and contact my skin with a few areas of unbroken skin (i.e. some cuts on my back)?

Can HIV be transmitted through hair?

i was playing with the hair of a lady who is HIV positive but i feel like i got from her hair as she pulled them.
is there any thing to worried about.

thank you

HIV through abdominal ultrasound? Should I be concerned?

I went to get an abdominal ultrasound (not vaginal) this past Monday, just the regular one that they do with the probe on top of your belly. I am concerned because I think the probe was not cleaned, and I am afraid the patient that was seen before I was seen could have had HIV and lacerations or skin sores and the probe could have been contaminated.
I normally would not worried, since I know intact skin cannot allow the virus in. However, I had an irritated pimple and it had some inflammation around it. So I was afraid that if the probe was contaminated with some blood, then I could have been exposed to HIV through my irritated pimple. Is this possible?

P.S. I am not sexually active, and I don't use any needles of any kind, so the possibly contaminated ultrasound machine probe on my belly on top of irritated people is my only concerned.

Really scared of getting hiv

I am a nurse. Yesterday, while conducting a normal vaginal delivery i accidentally had a splash of amniotic fluid on mu uncovered arms.i washed it within 10 minutes.though i had no cut on my arm but i am reallyy scared because i had a 1 day old cut on finger of my same hand which was covered with bandaid. But i am scared because of the possiblity that the amniotic fluid might have travelled to my finger cut during washing. The patient is hiv negative as per a 2 month old test. Can u plzzz plzzz tell me my risk of contracting the hiv from this exposure. Should i take post exposure prophylaxis??please help me, i am so much worried that i cannot even sleep.

HIV Transmission through Cut in Mouth

**** Last month I was on a flight and there was some broken glass on my meal tray. I didn't realize it at first, however somehow when the flight attendant was serving me some must have got into my food and I cut my tongue on a tiny piece.

Is it possible that I could have contracted HIV in this manner if the flight attendant had also cut himself on the glass while serving me and then I consumed the glass, cutting my tongue in the process?

I have had a rash on my chest for a week now and I've been worried sick that I may have contracted HIV in this manner. Please help me.

Thank you.


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