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No Risk

Diabetes lancet

my roommate is diabetic and HIV + (undetectable at his last dr appt and a t- cell count of 750+) he was having trouble getting the cap off his lancet device. I know this was stupid but i tried and got the top off but it pricked me. What should I do am I at risk for transmission and infection..he had tested himself about a half hour before. I did bleed but was very minimal stopped after a few seconds.


hello sir, i am HIV negative , as i just got tested for it . I had a deep kiss with a girl for about 2-5 minutes, later the girl informed me that she had diagonsed with HIV , on further inquiry she told me that she has little blood in gums while brushing her teeth. During kiss i didnt felt any blood. Her other results like herpes , syphilis and hepatitis B are negative. how much chances are there of getting HIV infection ?

Hiv from touching eye

Please I need your answer!
I am a girl which I don`t know yet my status about hiv, I`m so worried and anxious that I get infected by hiv from the doctor in hospital when I went to do the hiv test before two an a half months. There was no hygiene, I saw in the desk used rapid test.
He touched a bottle with a pippete in top of her to draw my blood and to put it in the rapid test. She wasn`t as usually pippets that i saw in internet she had a body like bottle and a pippete in top of her. Pippete was new but her body or her bottle was the same for all patients. And I suspect that this bottle was infected with hiv from hiv parients who goes there and was not disinfected. He touched her before I went there for other patients, her winding paper(packing), with wet hands from cotton ball with solution and hiv blood on it you know what I mean ( soaked cotton ball in solution and hiv blood on it after he pierced patients finger).
I saw that this bottle which I think she was infected was set in a close box before he thouched her to use it to draw my blood where I think she couldn`t be dryed completely even if her winding paper was infected with hiv. After he touched her he touched my finger all around to look where to pierce him and then he pierced him so blood came out and came in contact with my skin finger where he touched her before, so I`m so anxious but I can`t do the hiv test here in my country before three months because here has no tests which could detect earlier.
So today my little sister accidently put her fingers in my eye( she touched my eye inside) and then immediately put her fingers in her mouth.
If I`m infected can I infect her in this way from my eye to her mouth?
Please I`m so anxious help me, and sorry for my english I hope you could understand me

Can HIV be transmitted through toilet seat

Usually I'm not just cautious but even over cautious. But that time when I went to the toilet in the shopping I wiped the seat very well as usually and sat on the toilet, and I was shocked after I got up that there was urine at the back of the seat that I don't know how I missed. I never sit till the back of the seat I usually just try as much as to touch a small area of the seat. So as far as I remember, I didn't touch that spot. Do u think there is any chance of getting infected?

Health Worker

I am an health professional. I feel like I am being very paranoid about this situation.
I was involved in the care of a patient who had just gotten out of surgery. There were copious amounts of blood all over the bed. I had to insert an X-ray plate behind his back. I double gloved and performed what I need to.
When I left the patient and got back to my own department. I knocked one of the gloves on the counter corner. The one glove ripped, but the other glove did not appear to have a hole in it. I did not notice any blood present on the gloves. My thumb did not appear to have any visible cuts, but my skin was dry and chapped a bit. Could this present a risk for HIV? I feel like I am over reacting, but it has weighed very heavy on my mind.
Thank you.

Worried about Massage

I went to a massage parlor and had a massage - where i tickled the nipples of the massage lady for 2 minutes - no sex/ no touching her private parts ,nor me touching my private parts. I did not notice any breast milk/blood neither on her nor on my hands - my hands were completely dry all along . IS there a chance of HIV or STD . Later she asked if was interested in happy ending or sex and i fatly refused

Hand job with injured penis

Dear Sir, recently I was in spa center, after getting full body massage the girl offer hand job. I lay flat on my back. She put her hands over- squeeze - my pen*s and scrotum using oil till I cum. She didn't suck my pen*s and I didn't perform oral sex on her only sucking here breasts. I did not touch her vagina. And that was it, no penetration into her, I know it may sound silly but is there any risk of contracting HIV or any STDs from this encounter. Especially if I may get injured in my pen*s during masturbating by her hand and i was not using condom. Thanks for the time to answer this question

so worry about needle pricking


thank you for your great job that helps me so much!

I have a potentioal exposure three days ago.

Here is my concern:

Three days ago I stood in front of a supermarket waiting for the bus. I was focusing on my phone and did not notice a tall guy came very closely to me (20 - 30 cm).He smiled very weridly and said something strange to me that I didn't hear clearly. But then I was freaking out since I have never had such situation before. Because of fear, I did not move away immediately. After around 20 - 30 seconds, I saw the bus coming and took the bus to leave. Even I sat on the bus, I saw that he still had a very weird smile to me.

I know there are some cases of hiv transmission by needle pricking (maybe not in North America but in some other places). And I am so scared that he may prick me with a hiv+ blood needle and I did not notice that cuz I was focusing on my phone.

Please tell me whether and when should I go to clinic for hiv and other sti test.

Thank you so much!


Infection from finger in mouth


I was in a HIV clinic to support a friend and remember opening/closing the door other patients have been using before.

Since I tend to bite on my nails (and the skin around the nails) I kinda had some of my fingers in my mouth that 'may' have been contaminated.

Should I worry?
I should add that I have a tendency to be paranoid so I basically need 100% reassurence that everything is alright.

Thanks in advance

Pre-semen on Breasts

Hi, 50 days back I met a shemale. I just kissed her on her breasts, neck, and stomach, and I also sucked and licked her nipples and breasts. What I am worried about is that she used her hands to rub her penis, and then she used her hands to press her nipples and breasts. So, I think she maybe had pre-semen on her hands from her rubbing penis, and her pre-semen would be on her nipples and breasts because she used her hands to press them. And then, I sucked and licked her nipples and breasts, and I would get her pre-semen in my mouth (note: I did not see any fluids on her nipples and breasts, but in case it could have). So, can I get HIV from what I mentioned? And, thanks so much for your helps.


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