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Am i infected


Im 34 years old circumcised male. And i had unprotected viginal sex with a sex worker (June 13 2013 ) only once. Actually it was a one minute sex act. Because the plan was i will just mastubate while she is making some sensual dance. But as i about to finish i stupidly ask her to go on top of me. So she do as what i say after a few seconds. I finish inside her and she pulled out right away. And we both wash. After the incident HIV come across my mind. And i start to freak out and started searching about symptoms and all sort of info. I start fell stress cant sleep enough from day 1 after the incident till now for the past 4 months. i have an average sleep of 5-6 hours a day watching my sefl like an owl. And the only symptoms i found is one slightly swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck its not visually obvious. I can only fell it if i turn my neck to left side and run down my hand on my right side neck. Its not painful and tender. Aside from that i did'nt notice anything and  i had some sort of dermatitis  on my face as i know its some kind of yeast or immune system problems but i have this long time ago maybe 6 years. So this are my questions hope u can give me some answer. By the way im planning to go for an HIV test but for the moment i cant cause im working on a ship and my contract will expire on jan. 2014 and its mandatory for us to under go medical exam every time we sign our contract including HIV Test so im sure im HIV negative before. so for the time being i really need help cause its affecting my job and quality of life. Ohh y i also contact the girl thru txt msg. and ask if shes HIV infected she got angry cause she might be pregnant and told me that shes also surprise since our deal is just mastubate. Then she told me she has HIV and gonorrhea.
1. Do you think this slightly swollen lymph node an HIV thing?
2. Am i infected dispite all the emotional stress and luck of sleep why did im not sick.
3. This dermatitis of mine if im infected should it become worse even if just in my seroconversion time. But i didnt notice something special.
4. This lymph node of mine i can remember during my childhood and teenage time its there what i really dont know if its been there b4 the incident .
5. If its true that she is HIV infected and has gonorrhea. What is the chance of accuiring the HIV and not the gonorrhea cause as i know gonorrhea is more easy to pass than HIV.
Hope you can shade a light on this problem of mine ive been in 4 months of depression and mental stress my quality of life and job are really affected but still i gain weight of 3 kg.


Hello there and thank you for using the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source of HIV-related infomation.
First and foremost, HIV does not discriminate based on characteristics of an indivudla (age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orienttion, occupation or any other socioeconomic status). Rather, it is the activity one engages in (unprotected anal/vaginal sex or sharnig needles) that poses a high possibility for HIV acquisition.
There are no clinically defined symptoms of HIV; thus it is impossible to diagnose HIV with symptoms. Only some may experience strong flu-like symptoms (high fever etc.) 2-6 weeks after infection as initial symptoms.
1. No, swollen lymph node is not acute retroviral syndromes. Symptoms you may have found online may show up after lving with HIV for 5-7 years, sometimes longer, without taking medication. Swollen lymph node may be caused by many factors, such as cold or infection. If it bothers you, I encourage you to seek medical attention.2. As it is explained, many people don't experience any symptoms. It is true that stress, anxiety and lack of sleep may interfer with one's health, it is really up to individuals as our body are all unique. You may feel OK now but if you keep putting stress on you, it may affect your health in a long run. Generally speaking, 5-7 hours of sleep is normal length; of course some people need longer than that and it may be you. But again, hours of sleep and quality of sleep are different individually. Stress can cause insomnia, so you may wan to try something to release some of your anxiety. If it bothers you, you may want to talk to a doctor.3. Dermatitis is not symptoms of HIV; it can be caused by many reason from stress, seasonal change or allergy to a soap etc. 4. Not many people pay attention to lymph node in a daily life; you may have been obseesively touching your lmph node, which may contribute to swell. 5. You probably would acquire Gonorrhea but not HIV in the senario. Having sex with a person living with HIV does not guarantee HIV transmission; it is still a possiblity. HIV transmission is based on different factors such as viral load. But again, peole working in a sex insudustry are any more higher live with HIV than other occupations. I also would like to note that regardless of anal or vaginal sex, being a receptive partner has higher chance of acquring HIV than being penetrative partner; thus she had higher possibility for HIV acquisition than you. 
The body of people react to stress differently no I'm not surprised to hear all of your symptoms, including weight gain, may be related to stress you have put on yourself.
It must be very frustrated when you want to get tested but you cannot. It seems you have a plan to be tested when you are back on land so I encourage youto be screened for all sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and incooperate the test as a routine health checkup. It may be every 3-4 months, bi-annually or annully, depending on one's lifestyle.
Hopefully your questions are answered.Let us know if you have any other questions/concerns.
Stay healthy and keep smiling,YoshikoAIDS Vancouver Helpline VolunteerPhone: (604)696-4666 (M-F, 9am-4pm)Email: helpline@aidsvancouver.orgWed: www.aidsvancouver.org/helpline