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Any need for worry? or testing?


I was wondering if this is a possible way that hiv is transmitted. Say that someone has an actively bleeding cut on their finger or an open wound that looks red and sore and they are doing your makeup. So basically pouring the liquid foundation on their hand and dipping the community makeup application brush in the makeup they poured on top of their hand (lets just say it is in the same spot as the actively bleeding cut or open red and sore wound) and then they are applying the make up with that brush on your face? Can hiv be transmitted this way since your face can have pimples and zits, blackheads and large pores or even a possible open wound? I am so sick to my stomach that I let a lady at a make up counter put make up on my face this way. I didnt realize she was doing that until I started to see what she was doing. The thing is not to discriminate or anything she looked as if she could be a drug use or was one. She had some really brownish, teeth in the front and when I see that I think of someone who smokes crack and then I think probably uses drugs with needles. I looked at her hands and they look red and had scratches not sure if she had open cuts but I am presenting this scenerio with open cuts possibly bleeding because I did not get to see what it looked like before she poured the liquid foundation on her hand. For all I know she could have poured the makeup right on top of a bleeding cut. Can hiv be transmitted into your face and pores through zits and possible cut on the face?Is an actively bleeding cut that has blood coming out of it...if they have a virus does it start to die once it hits the air even though it is coming out of a cut? I was curious about that? or does that only happen if it is on an environmental surface. Please provide me with full detail of whyor why not there is no risk. I have been seeing a therapist about my fear of hiv but I think its time for someone new because my fears are not going away. I appreciate your help! thank you



Thank you contacting AIDS Vancouver as your source for HIV/AIDS related information.
I have attached a link that answers your question. Please refer for your reference.
It is a good idea that you seeking the help of a therapist, expressing one's fears and emotions can have a therapeutic effect.
Hope my answer alleviates your fears!
Best wishes,
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