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Condom broke/ HIV risk


I am 32 year old male. Just 24 hours back I has intercourse with one commercial sex worker. I used condom for intercourse, but meanwhile she found that condom has broken and immediately she stop there and bring out my penis outside. I was not ejaculated till that time. After that we completed the session with another fresh condom. I asked her medical history also, and she told me the used to go for regular check up.
I am too much worried since last 24 hours, did so many gooles, feeling guilt also,that why I did that. I also know that no one test can assure me before 3 months. Please let me know, what is the risk for me to affecting HIV.
I also heard about RNA test, Can I go for RNA test after 7 days? Please help me I am too much anxious now and out of control also. some expert recommond PCR RNA test can be done after 72 hours of exposure also. Please help me.


Hello and thanks for using AIDS Vancouver as your source for HIV/AIDS related information.
Before addressing your concern, I would like to note that risk of acquiring HIV is not based on characteristics of an individual (age, gender, occupation, sexual preferences, etc), rather what you do (unprotected anal/vaginal intercourse or sharing needles) do pose significant risk of HIV transmission.
Firstly I applaud you for using condoms, and stopping to put on a new one when the first condom broke, because using condoms is the best way to prevent passing HIV. You are correct that according to Canadian and international guidelines, HIV test results are considered conclusive three months after a possible exposure. However, many HIV tests can provide accurate results far sooner than three months, and the PCR RNA test is one of those. I have never heard of this test being accurate only 72 hours after exposure though. You would need to wait at least two weeks in order to have fairly accurate results. Moreover this type of HIV testing is not widely available in all areas, so I am not sure if you would have access to it. Are you located in Vancouver? If so, I can send you information on where to get this test.
Worrying about test results and feeling guilty is a common experience, but it's important to note that you are doing everything right - you did use a condom, and put on a new one immediately when the other one broke. This reduced your risk for HIV and other STIs, and you are also seeking out accurate information on HIV and are looking into testing options. Even if she was HIV positive, the risk of acquiring HIV from a single act would be 5 out of 10,000. I hope this answers your question and helps put you at ease, if not, please feel free to reply to this email.
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