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Does HIV transmits through licking breast and sucking nipples?


Im a 20 year old guy. 3 days ago, i went to message centre. There i got chance to be close to girl. I press her breast had licked her nipple for 3 to 4 seconds only. The i get intercourse with her while wearing condom. Note: there is no fluid come out from her breast and cuts on my mouth. Im really worried because i get flu after the incident and my body feel tired. Im extremely worried. Am i need to go for a testing? I really need the answer as fast as possible.. Please help me with my situation...


Hello and thank you for choosing AIDS Vancouver as your source for HIV/AIDS related information. 
Before I address your concerns, it's important to note that it is not the person (regardless of occupation, gender, sexual orientation, etc) that determines risk level, but rather the activities (unprotected anal or vaginal sex, sharing needles) you engage in that does. 
Licking a breast that isn't lactating is a no-risk activity for acquiring HIV. Having protected vaginal intercourse is considered a low-risk activity for acquiring HIV. Even taking breast milk into the mouth is considered negligible risk for acquiring HIV (this means it has never ever happened before in adults). 
Relying on symptoms alone is an impossible way to determine one's HIV status. This is because HIV tends to mirror the symptoms of other viral infections. Some people experience strong flu-like symptoms two-six weeks after exposure, others experience no symptoms at all. For this reason, testing is the only conclusive and definitive way to know one's HIV status. 
Based on the information you've provided me, testing isn't necessary, but if you need additional peace of mind, you can get tested at the three month mark, as the World Health Organization considers any test performed at or after three months to be conclusive. Also, here at AIDS Vancouver, we recommend all sexually active individuals get tested for HIV and other STI's annually or biannually as a good health practice. 
I hope I've addressed your concerns. Feel free to send us another e-mail or give us a call if you have further questions.
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