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finger prick test


this may sound stupid, but i have been so paranoid about hiv. I recently took a hiv rapid test, it was a finger ***** blood rapid test. I dont know what kind of needles are used in ontario. Can those automatic i guess single used be accidentally used again? Can I get infected this way? . Please help me I went there to get peace of mind now i am even more worried are there any risks? can the applicator be infected?what kind of needles that are used??is there a possible by mistake a nurse used an old needle (it was in blue or green color). if an old one was used what are the chances of getting hiv??Everything was prepared when i got there i cant go again sleeples nights for another 3 months i cant take this fear ..also my test was negative and i was told i had a v v v low risk, it was un protected oral...


Hello and thanks for using AIDS Vancouver as your source of information about HIV/AIDS.
You are correct that HIV can be transmitted through sharing needles, but when this is listed as a high risk activity we are usually referring to the needle sharing associated with intravenous drug use. In the healthcare setting all needles are sterile and new, and used needles are immediately disposed of in clearly marked biohazard bins. Canadian health care professionals follow strict protocols about hygiene, so you do not need to worry. Moreover, the lancet used to administer your rapid HIV test cannot be used more than once, so even if the nurse made a mistake she would be unable to poke you with it. You are HIV negative and do not need to get retested based on this experience, although of course we always recommend that sexually active individuals get tested regularly. Next time it may help ease your worries to ask the nurse to open the needle in front of you and explain her safety procedures. 
Here is an HIV specialist's answer to questions similar to yours:
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