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HIV from food contaminated fresh blood?


I am asking this question because recent incident that has happened during last week end is worrying me a lot.
Last week end we went to our friends house. After lunch my wife's friend cut an apple for us. While cutting the apple she got cut her hand. Definitely fresh blood would have been contaminated with apple pieces.Then after a few minutes we ate those apples including my wife and our daughter.After came home I realized that we should not eat those apples. Now I am highly worried.My problem is, if our friend is infected with HIV, are we having a possibility of infecting? Should we all be tested after window period? Please help me. I am highly worrying.


Hi there and thanks for using the AIDS Vancouver Online Helpline as a source for HIV/AIDS related information.
For a risk of HIV infection, certain HIV+ fluids must come into direct contact with the blood stream of an HIV- person.  In the situation you describe, this did not happen. HIV is a very weak virus and dies once exposed to air.  Food is not a conductor for HIV exposure.  I certainly don't feel this activity warrants HIV testing.  That said, if this continues to worry you, you may want to be retested for your own peace of mind.
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