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HIV life in air- on a Blade\Surface


I have read enough around it on internet but no concrete answer. So I will try to be very precise on my question, please consider the following case
1.    Blade\Razor (single blade) cut an HIV positive guy, so there will be some microscopic blood drops on the blade edge and on it’s flat surface.
2.    The blade is then wiped with a wet cloth just for few seconds, assuming it’s edges will still not be cleaned only flat surface was cleaned.
3.    There was no blood visible with the naked eye on it
4.    The blade was kept at normal room temperature
In this case do we know\guess for how much time the HIV can be alive (can infect) on that blade?
Some experts say micro droplets have too less blood to infect, some says HIV cannot infect from surfaces as soon as it hits air it becomes non reactive- so it’s 100% safe, some says it depends upon whether blood droplets are dry or not on blade, some says it lives for 1-2 minutes as max, some says it lives for around 7 hours. I am asking only from HIV prospective not from HCV or fungus infection.


Hello and thanks for the questions. Based on the research in regards to HIV living on surfaces the science indicates that the virus begins to die immediately once exposed to air.
While there is some question about how long HIV can live outside the human body, the facts state it can take from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. It is our recommendation that no person shares personal grooming devises including razors. If you have been cut or exposed to the blade of a razor, please assess your situation with a health care provider.
We also always recommend that all sexually active persons regularly test for all sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.
Please do not hesitate to contact the Helpline at any time should you have any other questions or concerns. I will also include a link that will give you more information about HIV and the spread of the virus. www.catie.ca
Yours sincerely,
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