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HIV risk


I’m an uncircumcised male from India. I have protected sex with a CSW three weeks ago. Before wearing condom I pulled my fore skin back. The whole encounter lasted about 15 to 20 minutes. While removing condom I observed that, the condom was very little ruptured. I’m not sure about that.
Two days after this encounter, it started Itching and Redness on penis forehead. I developed tiny red spots and 3 non itchy pimples on penile forehead. Then, I went to GP Clinic and prescribed BETNOVATE-N cream. It had having Neomycin.
After applying cream I got normal. After a week I stopped cream and the situation backed, same itching and redness. My GP told that it was NOT AN STD. it was epidermis inflammation like BALANITIS.
Two weeks after the encounter, it started the watery motions for one day and I’m suffering from frequent bowel moments daily 3 to 4 times, these were not watery. And I have mild leg pains and stiff neck, no other symptoms.
So, please advise me, is there any thing wrong with me?
Is there any probability to catch HIV or any Other STDs?
Thank you.


Hi There,
Thank you for using the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source for HIV/AIDS related information. I hope this information may ease your mind a little:
Protected vaginal or anal sex is considered a low risk for the transmission of HIV. If the condom did rupture, depending on when this occurred it may increase the risk.
Most symptoms that accompany a new HIV infection present themselves at 2-6 weeks, not usually within 2 days, and are similar to the symptoms of a flu. Although it is unlikely that your symptoms are the result of an HIV infection the only way to know your status for sure is to have a HIV test done. To read more about HIV related symptoms, please check out our FAQ at http://www.aidsvancouver.org/faq under "Basics of HIV" and "What are the symptoms of HIV infection?"
I would advise you to continue to work with your GP regarding your symptoms and inquire about getting an HIV test.
Please let us know if we can provide any more information. Or if you would like to call and speak to someone at the Helpline, you can do so anonymously and confidentially by calling 640.696.4666, Monday to Friday between 9am-4pm.
AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer
604.696.4666, Monday-Friday 9am-4pm PST