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HIV Window Period in France


Well, after all, there is a certainty that nobody, except PEP users, needs a further test beyond 6 weeks. 
Moreover, regional coordinators of AIDS are complaining that the new information has not been spread all over the country.
Gaëlle Sitbon (Regional Coordinator SIS Paris ) declared that: "Actuellement le test de dépistage peut s’effectuer 6 semaines après une prise de risque avec les tests de 4ème génération. Il se trouve que beaucoup de personnes ne sont pas encore bien informées de cette nouvelle règle. Certain-e-s appelant-e-s restent encore sur le délai de trois mois pour effectuer leur test et avoir un résultat parfaitement fiable. Au téléphone et aussi sur la réponse Internet, ça nous permet de recadrer au niveau des délais de test et de bien expliquer dans quelle mesure ce test est parfaitement sûr dans le délai de 6 semaines"
Well, the population of France is 65.000.000. 
Now, you decide the window period.


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Many HIV specialists consider 4th Generation EIA conclusive at 6 weeks. However, due to the fact that international HIV guidelines do not differentiate types of HIV testing, there is no general agreement around HIV testing window periods. As a result of that, it is literally the words of various HIV medical doctors over the phone or in person who have informed us here at the Helpline (and often in clinics in Europe, the UK or Australia) that a 4th Generation test is conclusive at 6 weeks. Though many HIV specialists inform that a 4th Generation test is conclusive at 6 weeks, the WHO European STD Guidelines Board still recommends that individuals who have had a high risk exposure be tested 3 months after point of infection for definitive results: http://www.iusti.org/regions/europe/HIV%20Testing%20Guideline%2011.11.08...
So, International guidelines still recommend that tests be considered conclusive 3 months after a possible exposure, but many medical professions recognize that 4th generation tests can give results much sooner. These guidelines have not been changed in years so there is a gap between guidelines and how doctors here and in Europe are making recommendations concerning these tests.
I hope this helps! And please let us know if we can provide any more information.
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