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i am hiv neagtive ?


i checked HIV western blot method after six months and I checked HIV western blot 2 time ,two report result is non reactive ,but now i know that western blot test is all positive people cases confirmed by western blot test but i checked western blot my tension is ,what i am safe my W/B result is accurate after six months? i am non reactive ?what i do the need to go for elisa test to check the my HIV status yes /no. sir /madam please give me ans i am waiting for your ans my western blot result is correct after window period i am safe yes /no .i am not sleeping few months. i read that elisa test method is best cross the window period but but i don't know this test so i checked HIV W/B method test after six months from the exposure ,W/B METHOD test two time check and two report ans is non reactive. i am safe,i am HIV negative please ans...........please help ,please help please help ,sorry my English is very weak......?


Hi there and thank you for using the AIDS Vancouver online helpline as your resource for HIV/AIDS related questions. The Western Blot test is usually used as a confirmatory/follow-up test after an initial HIV test is taken (to follow-up on an indeterminate or positive first test result); it is not normally the first, primary test used. However, it appears that only a Western blot was used in your case, which is still completely accurate and conclusive. It is actually considered the “gold standard” for HIV confirmation, with an accuracy of 99.9% after 4-6 weeks. Since your results after 6 months showed a non-reactive result, you can be safe to say that you are HIV-negative. You do not need to take another test like the ELISA (if you haven’t had any other exposures since that time). Like the ELISA procedure, the western blot is also an antibody detection test; the only difference is that it is more specific and directed against specific HIV proteins. Hopefully this answers your question and eases your anxiety. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email us. Take care, Stephanie AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer e: helpline@aidsvancouver.org p: (Mon-Fri 9-4pm ): (604) 696-4666 w: www.aidsvancouver.org/helpline