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lap dance


I was wearing a trouser and a boxer. I ejaculated while the lady was giving me a lap dance and she was wearing the G string. My semen stained my trouser significantly. Also, I kissed her back, neck and cheeks. Some of her head hair entered my mouth. I have the following questions:
1) can the head hair that entered my mouth transmit the HIV ?
2) Can I get the HIV from this lap dance knowing that I ejaculated and significantly stained my trousers ?
3) Can I get the HIV from kissing her back and face and neck, I did NOT kiss her mouth at all ?
4) I massaged her back with my hand to relax her shoulders ... can I get the HIV from making a massage by hand to someone else ?
5) Can the lady become pregnant from the Semen that stained my trousers and maybe touched her G string close to the Vagina ?
Thanks a lot for all your help.


Hi There,
Thank you for using the AIDS Vancouver online helpline as your resource for HIV related questions. 
Keep this information in mind when I answer your questions:
In order for HIV to transmit, there has to be fluids (blood, semen, pre-cum etc.) “plus” an activity (such as unprotected anal or vaginal sex, sharing of needles etc) “plus” a Direct access to the bloodstream (such as the vagina, anus, points of needle injection etc).
So here are your answers:
No.  Hair does not contain HIV and cannot pass HIV from person to person. HIV only survives in certain bodily fluids: blood, semen, rectal secretions, pre-cum, vaginal fluids and breast milk.
No, you cannot get HIV from a lap dance, especially because you were fully clothed. 
No.  Kissing, even mouth to mouth kissing does not transmit HIV.  In addition, the saliva in our mouth has an enzyme which actually inhibits HIV.
No.  You cannot transmit HIV by giving or receiving a massage.  From what you described, there were no HIV+ fluids involved with the massage nor direct access for those fluids to enter your blood stream.
No.  Your trousers are enough of a barrier to prevent pregnancy. Stained trousers touching her G string will not cause pregnancy.
Hope this helps to clear up any further questions you may have. 
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