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Mr. Scared to death


So it's been 2-3 months since I got a cut in my penis from scissors , and I'm just wondering if there is any chance that I could have the HIV Virus. The scissors are used for cutting my pubes and I mistakenly wasn't watching what I was doing and cut myself. How long those HIV last outside the body ? After the cut I went to wash it by taking a bath , is the virus gone ?


Hi there and thanks for using the AIDS Vancouver online helpline as your source of HIV/AIDS related information.
Since the HIV virus does not survive for very long outside of the body (a matter of minutes), it is impossible for you to have been infected with HIV from a cut on your penis from a pair of scissors. Transmission of HIV is dependent on 3 factors: an HIV containing fluid (such as blood or sexual secretions), a risky activity (such as unprotected anal/vaginal sex or shared needle use), and direct access to the bloodstream (such as through the mucus membrane of the vagina, anus or urethra, or needle injection). All 3 of these factors (fluid, activity, access) must be present for a risk of HIV transmission to be present. Cutting yourself while trimming your pubic hair does not fulfill any of these requirements, so there is no chance for the transmission of HIV.  Please note that by HIV containing fluid we mean a fluid from another person. If you do not have HIV, you cannot be infected by your own blood.
That being said, we do recommend that everyone who is sexually active be tested for HIV regularly; this is the only way to know your status.
I hope this has helped to answer your questions, and please do not hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.
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