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negative DNA PCR and duo test at 4 and 8 weeks


Hi. I am a 26yo male who was involved in receptive anal sex about 8 weeks
ago. A condom was used but 4 weeks after the encounter I noticed a creamy
build up on my tongue I went to the GP and explained the situation. A HIV duo
test as well as a DNA pcr were performed. Both results came back as negative.
However the thrush persisted. At 8 weeks post exposure both duo and pcr tests
were repeated and both came back negative yet I still have oral thrush?
What does this mean? Thrush is a stage 3 defining illness and I have it
despite negative results at 4 and 8 weeks. Is it possible there tests are
missing infection or is my thrush caused by an unrelated condition?
Confused. Please help....


Thank-you for choosing AIDS Vancouver as your resource for HIV related information.
It's great to hear that you are practicing safer sex! By using a condom, receptive anal sex is considered low risk for HIV transmission, meaning there have been very few reports of infection through this method and the only reported cases of HIV transmission were under certain identifiable conditions (e.g a condom breaking). Your tests conducted at 4 and 8 weeks are a reliable indicator of your status if there was no other high-risk encounters within that time period.
If a condom was not used, test results received at the eight weeks, with respect to the DUO (or 4th Generation) test would be still be considered conclusive by many HIV specialists. However, international guidelines would still recommend re-testing after 12 weeks for definitive results.
Symptoms such as oral thrush do not necessarily indicate HIV transmission. Oral Thrush is actually a type of yeast infection and is not necessarily a sign or symptom of HIV- it can be caused by stress or certain types of antibiotics which may have upset the bacterial balance in your mouth. I would recommend that you consult your GP to find the alternative cause to your oral condition.
Best wishes,
AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer