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Notification and timing of test


Hi. I had a test 12 days ago. If there was a problem who would contact me, would it be public health or the doctor at the clinic? Also, how long do test results take? If I haven't heard from anyone, when can I assume that all is okay


Hello and thank you for using the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source for HIV/AIDS related information.
In regards to the time it takes to receive your results, it will depend on the type of test that was performed and the location of  the testing (whether it was done at a clinic, hospital or testing site). If the results are reactive, they would usually undergo a Western Blot (confirmatory) test and only then will your results be given to you. A general guideline is roughly 10 business days.
Again, depending on where the test was performed and whether you provided your contact information or not will determine who notifies you. Most hospitals and clinics are required to provide you with your test results in addition to providing a post-test consult. If you have not heard from anyone yet, it would be best to contact the testing site and inquire about the status of your test. It is required that your results are given to you, but in the case of a negative result the testing site may not contact you. However, you should still follow up with your results so that you can know for sure.
In brief, the best thing would be to contact the testing site you used as different locations often have different protocols and standards regarding result wait times and who is liable to provide you with the information of your test. Moreover, it is still recommended that you get another standard test at 12 weeks which is considered to be the most conclusive result.
Stay safe and healthy!
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