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Precum Risk of HIV?


Hi AIDS Vancouver,

Can I just say you are the most helpful online site I've visited with friendly, direct answers. Seriously, kudos. Can you please help me out?
Met this stranger and he's promiscuous, around 12 sexual partners already.. so I fear catching HIV.
My question is..
1. I'm a male, and with him, we rubbed our dicks and bodies together passionately. At one point, he inserted his precum into my penis hole around 3 times. Am I at risk of catching HIV?
2. We rubbed our cocks with precum on each one's asshole, just outside the hole, and mimicked anal intercourse. No penetration. Am I at risk of having HIV?
3. He masturbated our cocks simultaneously, one on top of the other, there was precum on it, could the precum have entered the penis hole and I caught the HIV?
I look forward to your answer to help ease my mind and those who experienced the same. Thanks, you have no idea how much peace of mind you'll support me with. In advance, thanks!



Hello and thank you for using the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source of HIV-related information.
Being promiscuous does not affect one's HIV status; it is the activity one engages in (unprotected anal sex, unprotected vaginal sex or sharing needles) that pose a high risk for HIV acquisition. In addition to that, HIV is not something one can "catch"; it is transmittable virus.
1. Rubbing penises together is a negligible risk for HIV acquisition as there may be an exchange of bodily fluids. However, there has never been a reported case of HIV infection in this way. It is also very unlike the his pre-cum got into  the hole of your penis; when the body is secreting bodily fluids, it is hard for something to get into you.2. No, the activity of your concern (frottage) poses a negligible risk and again, we never heard of HIV infection in this way.3. Non-inserticve masturbation poses a no risk.
One needs to have unprotected anal sex, unprotected vaginal sex or share needles to pose a high risk for HIV transmission. And those activities do not guarantee HIV transmission either. HIV is harder to acquire than you think.
There is no need for you to get tested from the activities of your concern. But as you are sexually active, I encourage you be tested for all sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as a routine checkup. It may be very 3-4 months, bi-annually or annually, depending on one's lifestyle.
Hopefully you find the information helpful.If you have any other questions/concerns, please feel free to write us back.
Stay healthy and keep smiling,YoshikoAIDS Vancouver Helpline VolunteerE-mail: helpline@aidsvancouver.orgPhone (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm): (604) 696-4666Web: www.aidsvancouver.org/helpline