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protected sex with STD


Hello, I have a doubt about HIV Transmission. Please clarify them. If a person participated in protected sex with a HIV+ female. At the same he is having STD lesions on his penile fore head. And also he was an uncircumcised male. If the condom did not fail, was there any chance to got HIV? What are the probabilities to catch HIV between healthy person and these type of person by protected sex? Thanks to all for your great work. May God Bless you.  


Hi There,
Thank you for using the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source for HIV/AIDS related information.
Participating in vaginal or anal sex with a condom on is considered a low risk activity for the transmission of HIV. What this means is that there have only been a few reports of infection actually attributed to this activity. If the condom did not fail during intercourse the chance of becoming HIV+ is unlikely.
Regarding your STI related symptoms you should speak to a physician about potential treatment and testing for other STIs. We do recommend getting regular HIV and STI tests for everyone who is sexually active.
Please let us know if we can provide any more information. Or if you would like to call and speak to someone at the Helpline, you can do so anonymously and confidentially by calling 640.696.4666, Monday to Friday between 9am-4pm.
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