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protected sex with STD


I have a doubt about HIV transmission. Please clear it.
If a male having an STD and some rash on his penis head. And participated in veginal intercourse with a HIV suspected women with USING CONDOM. What are his chances to catch HIV?
There is any differential probability to catch HIV even after using CONDOME between a healthy person and STD person. [ Let the condom did not fail]
Thanks to all for such a great job.


Hi there and thank you for using AIDS Vancouver as your source of HIV/AIDS related information.
Using a condom, especially a latex condom, when engaging in sexual activities is one of the most efficient way  to prevent STIs and HIV transmission. That is because the latex condom acts as a barrier preventing viruses from entering to a body. If a person is using a latex condom correctly, that is wearing a new condom for each sexual intercourse, the chances for him to catch HIV, or most STIs, from participating in vaginal intercourse are relatively low since there is a barrier between his and his partner’s bodies. However, if there is a condom failure during the sexual intercourse, his chances of contacting with HIV would be quite high because the failure creates a pathway for the virus to enter to his body.
As long as a new condom is worn correctly for each sexual intercourse, a person is being protected from most STIs, such as HIV and Chlamydia. There is no chance for HIV transmission between a healthy person and a person with STI because the HIV does not exist in both bodies. However, we always encourage people who are sexually active to update their HIV and STIs status as HIV is only one of the 30 types of STIs.
I hope this answers your questions and please let us know if we can provide any more information.
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