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rapid test after 6 weeks


Hi, I guess you've heard this a lot of times but i just wanna ask what are the odds of being tested hiv positive after 3 months of post exposure (once had oral and unprotected sex to a female sex worker) if I were tested negative at 6 weeks? (HIV RAPID TEST in the Philippines). I am not really sure what HIV rapid test we have here in the Philippines but a feedback from you gusy is highly appreciated.
I have this anxiety or fear of being tested positive after I was tested negative after "5-6" weeks (not sure though). Thanks so much!


Hello and Thank You for using the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source of HIV/AIDS related information.
Your negative result at 6 weeks is considered an excellent indication of your HIV status as up to 95% of infection can be detected within 4-6 weeks. We have never heard of an HIV test turning positive after 3 months, given no new exposures in the interim. In fact, here at the Helpline we have never spoken with anyone who has received a different result at 6 weeks than at 12 and beyond!
HIV tests (including Rapid tests) are one of the most accurate blood tests in the world, with all types being close to 100% accurate if done within the window period of 4 weeks-3 months post exposure. Because Rapid HIV Testing is a relatively new technology, there are no "Generations" like there are for standard EIA or ELISA HIV blood tests. Was this Rapid test a finger prick (blood) test or an OraQuick (oral fluid swab) test? If you feel comfortable sharing that information with us, we can provide you with more specific details regarding Rapid HIV Tests.
Hopefully this helped to alleviate some of your anxiety, please feel free to write back if you have any more concerns.
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