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razor blade question.


I was hoping you could answer a question regarding a concern of mine. I was shaving my bikini area around the sides and the middle. Sorry if I am too graphic, but I also am on day 3 my menstrual cycle. Anyway I just got in shower and and lathered up and began using my previously changed razor blade 1or 2 days ago. Anyway I shaved around down by my vagina and then took a look at ther razor and on it was soap from me lathering and a glob of red blood. I'm freaking out because I am thinking oh my gosh what if that blood was there before I used it? I know this seems far fetched but what if the manufacturer cut their finger while the blades were being packaged or what if someone put HIV contaminated blood on my razor. Since I am having my period I am hoping the blood came frm me but I was in the shower and ccan't understand how it would be coming from me if im wet and stuff wouldn't water have washed that off me if it were me? OK so basically I'm wondering if you can catch HIV from this situation if someone in fact put blood on my razor or if it came packaged that way? This happened in the morning after hours of sleeping and the blood looked wet. I live just with one person and know they didn't put blood on it. If it were HIV blood could I get HIV if I was shaving near my vagina hole and bikini line which by the way, was bleeding a little from razor irritation. The blood I saw was after I shaved near my vagina hole and it freaked me out but I am hoping this blood came from my vagina and wasn't put there. Do you think I need to worry about HIV transmission and get tested? Can hiv blood on a razor live long if its wet? Can it live through packaging then to the store then home with me and infect me then? I know HIV transmission is possible through razors so thas why iI am concerned. Im sorry if this story sounds nuts. Also, if it cannot live long how do we actually no it doesn't and is there proof that it does not live outside the body, even on razor blades? I'm so scared!


Hello HIV does not come in a package of razors and you have had zero risk from the incident you have described in detail.
You may be exposed to hepatitis b or c if you share a razor with someone.
Using new razors is no risk for transmission for any infection. Please continue educating yourself about HIV.
You may be exposed to HIV if you have unprotected anal or a vaginal sex with a person living with HIV or if you share injection needles with a person living with HIV. HIV needs direct access into your bloodstream from a person living with HIV.
HIV does not live outside of the human host.
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