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I know its dangerous and easyer to pass HIV from injecting because it goes right into bloodstream but what about snorting is it the same if there is blood on the bill or drugs is it just as bad?


Hi there,
Thank-you for your question & I am sorry for the delay in response. 
To the best of our knowledge, sharing bills or other materials for snorting drugs, such as cocaine, has never led to a case of HIV transmission. One of the reasons for this is that HIV (in blood, for exampe) dies as soon as it is exposed to air and it also needs direct access to the blood stream of another person to make transmission possible. So, while theoretically transmission may be possible this way, there has never been a real life case of this occuring. 
There is a low risk for HCV (Hep C) transmission associated with sharing snorting equipment as HCV is passed from person to person via blood-to-blood contact.
If you are concerned about your status, I would recommend getting tested for HCV. HCV test results are conclusive at 26 weeks post exposure. Some individuals immune systems eliminate HCV naturally, some strains of the virus can be treated & others cannot but testing is the only way to know for sure.
As far as HIV goes, if you have never had an HIV test before it might be a good idea to do so but transmission has never occured via sharing snorting equipment before so it is very unliklely that you are HIV+ as a result of sharing snorting equipment.
Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any other questions or concerns,
All the best,
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