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Testing results 40 days and in Asia


 I got the 40 days negative result at a government hospital in Asia by blood test,but i didn't konw the kinds of test.
is it conclusive? or how much is it conclusive?
Thank you !


 Hi there,
Thank you for your question. Hopefully we can offer you some information that will help:
To find out what type of HIV you had, I would recommend contacting the specific testing location you went to in Asia. As countries (and often regions within countries) often use different testing methods, there is no way for us to know what type of test was used at your location in Asia. The most common HIV tests available in Canada is the ELISA (or EIA) 3rd generation test. The 3rd Gen test detects up to 95% of infections at 4-6 weeks with test results considered conclusive at 3 months. The 4th Generation EIA test (also known as the combo or duo test) is considered conclusive by most HIV specialists at 6 weeks.
While there are many other types of testing, such as the NAAT, this type of testing is very specific and sometimes not readily available. While you can take one final test at 3 months if you are unsure of your results, keep in mind that your test results at 40 days are good indicator of future testing results.
Hope this information helps.
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