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Treatment for AIDS


Why there is not any appropriate drug or treatment for curing HIV?


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There is no cure for AIDS or HIV infection but antiretroviral treatment can suppress HIV by interfering with the replication process and can delay illness for many years. It cannot clear the virus completely because the virus replicates rapidly and there are so many strains of the virus that researchers haven't been able to develop a drug/vaccine that will be able to cure HIV.
However, just recently a vaccine that many prevent HIV has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to begin clinical trials in humans. In the past there have been clinical trials that have failed because creating a successful HIV vaccine is complicated due to the rapidity with which the virus mutates. In addition, HIV can only survive in a human host and as such, vaccines cannot be easily tested on animals but rather, only in controlled laboratory conditions. If you're interested, here is a news article that talks about this new vaccine and the phases it must go through to be successful:
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