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Understanding the condition


Hi Monica Greetings of the day First of all let me brief you about the history:- My wife got tested for HIV in October 2008 - Result Negative I got tested for HIV in August 2011 - Result Negative I got tested for HIV on 8th October 2011 - Result Negative - the Doctor said he has used Elisa Technology, however I am not sure whether he used Rapid or Elisa. Because it was done by my Employer for the employment. I got tested for HIV on 10th January 2012 - Result Negative - Rapid I got tested for HIV on 15th January 2012 - Result Negative - Rapid I was vaccinated for Hepatitis B on 28/02/2009, 24/03/2009 and 26/08/2009 and for H1N1 I was vaccinated on 20/04/2011. And I do not have sex with anybody apart from my wife. Also the last time we had sex was in mid of November 2011. Right now Iam in the middleeast and waiting for my medical (blood test) to be through. They have taken my blood thrice, on 3rd January 2012, on 8th January 2012 and on 15th January 2012. The first time they said probably the sample might have lost, the second time when I say the blood test repot it mentioned HIV 1, 2 - some value of 1.74 and thereafter written reactive. Iam totally confused and worried. Can you please help me out in undestanding. Does my Vaccination has anything to do with it. Best Regards XYZ


If you have not shared needles with anyone or had unprotected vaginal/anal sex with anyone other than your wife, who tested negative, then there would be no reason for your results to change.
Although it is rare, false positives do sometimes occur. This does not mean that you are positive but rather that the test was incorrect in making a diagnosis. This is why all initially reactive tests are followed up with a Western Blot test in order to confirm/negate an HIV infection.
If you received a reactive test recently, I would suggest speaking with the clinic/company doing the testing and asking if you need to come in for a follow-up test or if the initially reactive test was followed by a second confirmatory test. Do you have any more information about this reactive test? What sort of follow-up have the medical professionals you are working with advised?
No, to the best of our knowledge, vaccinations or medications should not affect HIV testing.
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