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Vidas HIV Duo Ultra Test


Hi, im a male...first.of all i thank you for this site that helps a lot of people..i had vaginal sex using condom with a sex worker last June 11,2013 but during oral sex i removed the condom...so i recieved oral sex with her without a condom..it took about 2-3 minutes..but i did not ejaculated in her mouth...during the oral sex..then after that i put new condom on my penis and have vaginal sex with her and ejaculated in her vagina..now last september 18 ,2013 i had my VIDAS HIV DUO ULTRA TEST...it came out negative or non reactive...was my test a good indicator that i dont have HIV? Or do i have to retest?


Hello there and thank you for using the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source of HIV-related information.
First and foremost, HIV does not discriminate based on age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, occupation or any other socioeconomic status on an individual. Rather, it is the activity one engages in (unprotected anal/vaginal sex or sharing needles) that poses high possibility for acquiring. So you having sex with a sex worker is not higher risk for acquiring HIV than anyone else. In fact, you engaged in safer sex (with a condom); safer sex is a low risk. However, there is no way the virus or bacteria can go through latex, polyurethane or nitrile if a condom is used correctly and there is no breakage or slipping off of it.Receiving oral sex is a negligible risk for HIV acquisition, which means there has never been a reported case of HIV infection in this way. A person who is performing oral sex, in your case, she has higher possibility for acquiring HIV than you.
That being said, your test on September 18th (3 months after the activity you are worried about) is indeed conclusive and definite. No further test is necessary, provided that there are no other high risk activities (unprotected anal/vaginal sex or sharing needles) during this period. (3 months/12 weeks is considered conclusive, following the World Health Organization (WHO)
Hopefully you find the information helpful.Let us know if you have any other questions/concerns.
Stay healthy and keep smiling,YoshikoAIDS Vancouver Helpline VolunteerE-mail: helpline@aidsvancouver.orgPhone (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm): (604) 696-4666Web: www.aidsvancouver.org/helpline