I had made a very bad mistake. I am a heterosexual man 31 years old who just got sexually experience with another male.

here is what we did.

I unpackage a condom and put it on the night stand.
He started masturbating me without condom, his hand back and forth to his pene.
then, i started masturbating him without condom, my hands back and forth as well.

after 5 min doing all i mentioned above. He grabbed the condom i unpackaged from the night stand and put it on the head of my pene. then i help to unrolled it down to the base of my pene.

after that He started sucking my pene for about 3 min.
I also put a condom on his pene and sucked him for about 2 min.
i did not feel pre cum since he was wearing a condom that i myself opened it.

after that we he wanted me to penetrate him, so he tryied to sit down on my pene
but it did not enter to his anus (maybe very very very!! little dipped in it but still the condom was on my pene)

I attempted to penetrate him 4 times with not success, because my pene became a little bit soft
and i was having anxiety due to this new experience i was having. There was not eyaculation while i was doing it.
after we gave up, i decided to masturbate myself, pull out the condom, saved it in my pocked to later water test it. and i finished myself. He never finished so i did not even touch his semen but pre cum yeah.

based on the risk i had. what is the chance for me to get HIV from him?
Do you think as a nurse or have you ever heard of someone contracting hiv this manner?
from your point of view do you think i have to go and get tested for hiv?

please answer my question you would be helping two life my wife and mine.
Hi there and thank you for reaching out to AIDS Vancouver with your questions! We're happy to help. We appreciate your patience as we have been back logged with questions.

I will outline the risks associated with the different activities you described.

1) Handjobs (masturbating yourself or the other person) are No Risk as they're non-insertive masturbation with no exchange of bodily fluids

2) Receiving oral sex is considered a Negligible Risk. This means that although you could technically make a case for HIV risk, there has never been a confirmed case of transmission in this way. Additionally, the negligible risk is for unprotected oral sex, so if you used a condom, your risk is greatly diminished and is close to none.

3) Giving oral sex is considered to be Low Risk. This means that although there have been a few cases of HIV transmission in this way, they are usually under certain identifiable conditions. For oral sex, a condition would be if you had large open wounds in your mouth such as from a recent dental surgery. If this isn't the case, your risk is greatly diminished. Again, this risk level is for unprotected oral sex, so if there was a condom used, your risk is greatly decreased!

4) Protected anal sex would also be considered a Low RIsk activity. However if you didn't penetrate him, then there's No Risk.

Overall, your risk level is low at the highest. HIV testing may not be necessary in your case, but if you're concerned then an HIV test is the only way to be certain! So a quick test will help to ease your mind.

I hope this helped!!



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