Dear Team,
First of all let me sincerely thank your finest efforts in helping people who are lost in the world of anxiety after making the huge mistake of sex without proper protection. You are all doing a great job which I consider a priceless gift to our society.

To cut short, I had 03 unprotected virginal insertive events on the same day with a sex-worker exactly 12 weeks ago. I had no symptons till 3 weeks after that event, when exactly on the 21st day I had a UTI (urinary infection) which I never had in my life before. That is when I started to realize I have made a mistake. I was really terrified, because I didn’t realize the risk of having unprotected sex with a sex worker. This is when I started looking for STDs and their symptoms.

At day 28 when I had completed my Antibiotics for UTI, I had a fever of 100 Deg which lasted for about 2 day along with soar throat lasted for 7 days. This is where I was convinced that I am done, and must have got HIV. Although reluctantly, I decided to get an HIV test. It was a 4th Gen Duo Test for P24 and HIV 1& 2, which came out negative.
When I “googled” for the results accuracy I was able to find your website. And I consider myself lucky to have found you. I was really happy to note that this test is almost 95% accurate at 28 days (4 weeks).
I did a retest at 6 weeks and was Negative (non reactive) again. Now I started relaxing a bit as your site mentioned there is a rare possibility to have this turn positive later on.
But strangely enough, I noticed that I had a white/pale yellow coating along with an ulcer on my tongue. As this in another symptom of HIV, I started worrying again. I went to a skin specialist and he told me that this is a fungal infection mostly due to long term use of antibiotics (almost 14 days in my case) and STRESS.
Finally today I had my 4th Gen re-test at 12 weeks (84 days) and came out negative. I wanted to share my story with people who visit you sites because I know the pain one feels during this course of time. I even had suicidal thought, but thanks to God and sites’ knowledge sharing I made it through.
So all I want to say is don’t put yourself at risk, and if you have done it you will have to be very patient and positive.
My question is:
Do I need a re-test at 6 month or this 12-weeks 4th Gen combo test is ok? And why do some site suggest retesting at 6 months?? I don’t have Hep C or used PEP.
Thanks and best regards, Faisal
Hello sir and thank you for the kind words. I believe we spoke earlier this morning and i have to say, that we at the AIDS Vancouver Helpline are currently working past capacity, however we will answer all forum posts, phone call, and direct e-mail. Thank you for your understanding.

The great news as we discussed earlier today is that you are not living with HIV and no further testing is required. The 4th Generation Duo test is the newest and some state most reliable HIV test available today, and many HIV specialists will consider the 4th generation test to be conclusive at just 6 weeks, post risk exposure. However guidelines still state that an HIV test is not conclusive until 12 weeks or 84 days, post risk exposure

Once again not further testing is required and testing at 6 months is not a concern for you. I thank you again for your support and the kind words you have shown to the Helpline team.

All the very best,


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