Hi, I met a guy few weeks back and we performed some sexual acts such as kissing, oral sex, rimming, and me grinding on his dick (we did not perform anal sex even though we tried with condom but it didn't work out). He didn't ejaculate into my mouth but I'm sure I did swallow some of his pre-ejaculations. I got myself tested 6 weeks after the possible exposure at a clinic with a HIV rapid antibody blood prick test. The results were negative. I'll need to wait till few more weeks (to reach the 12 weeks mark) till I can get myself tested again at the local clinic. I haven't been sleeping well since 6 weeks after the possible exposure and it's currently the 9 weeks after possible exposure. I was wondering how conclusive is the HIV rapid antibody blood prick testing.
Hi there, thank you for contacting us at AIDS Vancouver,

It sounds like you are concerned after a sexual encounter that you shared with a guy 9 weeks ago.

You stated that you took a HIV rapid antibody test six weeks post exposure and the results were negative. This Rapid "point of care" test is a blood (or oral swab ) test that looks for antibodies . The window period for this test is 4 weeks- 3 months (although up to 95% of infections are detectable within 4-6 weeks). Since you were at the 6 week mark, your negative test result was 95% accurate, which is still pretty accurate. When you do get re-tested in 3 months, this same test will be considered conclusive and it's accuracy is 99.6%.

Also, it is worth mentioning that from the activities that you mentioned (kissing, oral sex, rimming, grinding on dick, oral sex), many of them are not a risk for HIV transmission.
1. Kissing- this is NOT A RISK for HIV transmission because saliva actually contains an enzyme that inhibits HIV. Saliva and oral fluids do not contain enough of the virus to cause potential for transmission.

2. oral sex- you stated that you gave a blow job, which is usually not a risk for HIV transmission. With identifiable conditions present (eg. another STI, blood present, etc.) this activity is still considered a LOW RISK (meaning that there have only ever been a few reports of infection, usually under identifiable conditions).
Recieving oral sex is a NEGLIGIBLE RISK ( meaning that there has never been a confirmed report of HIV transmission from this activity).

3. Rimming - this is also NEGLIGIBLE RISK (meaning that there has never been a confirmed report of HIV transmission from this activity).

4. You stated that you were grinding on his penis, which is not a risk because there is no exchange of body fluids. Also, you stated that you did not perform anal sex, but it is worth mentioning that anal sex WITH A CONDOM is low risk activity.

It is great that you got an HIV test done, however for all of the activities that you mentioned we would say that an HIV test would not be necessary after looking at the risks involved. We do however always recommend regular HIV testing for all individuals that are sexually active.

Hopefully this information was helpful to you and can allow you to feel more at ease. Please do not hesitate to contact us at our helpline if you have further questions.



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