Hi Doctor (firstly sorry for my english) I have unprotected sex with female after 5 months ago,after 5 month i went to Government clinic and got HIV 1&2 Elisa test it"s result Negative. i want to know doctor HIV 1&2 Elisa test is good test ? And am i want to retest again ?I am too scared of this problem.please help me sir..
Hi there, and thanks a lot for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline for your HIV/AIDS related health information. It seems you have some questions about an HIV test you've had recently. We're happy to answer your question for you.

First off, while we are trained volunteers, we are just that- volunteers (not medical professionals). Something that is important to keep in mind.

It's great that you've decided to go for HIV testing, as unprotected sex is indeed considered a high risk activity. This means that of the transmissions that have occurred, most have occurred due to activities such as these. This does not mean a transmission occurred in your case. To see the risks associated with various activities, we encourage you to check out our [risk assessment page](

Here is a bit more information on the test you've had (which is a standard HIV test, so is a "good" test to get):

You'll see in the chart that this test is considered conclusive, meaning the results are taken as accurate, 3 months (12 weeks) post exposure. You've had this test 5 months post exposure, so the results of this test can be conclusively be taken as accurate. Should you have not had any exposures in the meantime, you are presently HIV negative.

We'd also like to encourage you to use a condom for all of your encounters in the future. Condoms substantially reduce the risk of transmission of both HIV and STIs. Should you like more information on condoms, we encourage you to check out one of our favourite resources at [SmartSex](

Thanks a lot for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline with your question, we hope it has been answered fully.


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EIA (Enzyme Immunoassay) antibody 3rd Generation aka ELISA Blood test that looks for antibodies 4 weeks to 3 months (although up to 95% of infections are detectable within 4-6 weeks). Most people develop detectable antibodies in 21-25 days. Most commonly available testing method. We are encouraged to hear that 4th gen tests are on their way to Vancouver but currently are only available via referral. Accuracy is 99.8% |