I have 2 additional questions  regarding an answer you gave me in the website 9 days ago.

This is the link for the previous question and your answer 9 days ago :


I would appreciate if you can read the link so you can remember.

Summary in Short of previous question:

I was asking about HIV risks of Unprotected Blowjob without condom and Unprotected Handjob without condom and protected vaginal sex with condom with the presence of multiple scratches on pines head.

The scratches were caused by open jeans zipper directly chaffs my exposed pines head during Lap dances in strip club. The scratches on pines head were caused before the 3 sexual activities detailed above.

And Afterwards I have got the 3 sexual activities in private  room by stripper with the presence of these scratches on pines head.

I have 2 questions regarding your previous answer:

1.          On the one hand you wrote at first my HIV Risk is low from this scenario with these  3 sexual                         

             activities of Unprotected Blowjob and Unprotected Handjob and protected vaginal sex with scratches on pines head.

             But on the other hand you wrote
              "The vaginal sex mentioned above does meet the three components of the transmission
               equation. Presence of vaginal fluids during vaginal intercourse that had access to your
               bloodstream by your urethra."

If I had protected vaginal sex with condom in my scenario so why did you write that the vaginal sex
I had does meet the 3 components of the transmission equation and can transfer HIV? If I had protected vaginal
sex so the HIV virus shound't be able to have access to my blood stream
(This is at least 1 componenet which doesn't exist)?

2. You wrote also that superfical scratches from open zipper on pines head don't increase HIV risk
because they can't enable access to blood stream as long as they aren't massive bleeding.

The superficial scrathes on pines head from open zipper don't increase HIV risks and don't enable access to bloodstream
for both Unprotected Blowjobs no condom and Unprotected Handjobs no condom. I would appreciate your reassurance for that.

I understand of course that  Unprotected Vaginal sex poses HIV Risk with or without superfical scratches on pines head.

I would very appreciate your additional reply to my 2 questions after which I promise I will make the donation of 25 Dollars I promised.

I just want to understand these issuess with HIV transmission so that I can get better understanding for future events.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Best Regards,


Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking for further clarification about the risk assessment provided to you in regards to a protected insertive sexual exposure.

To address your first question it is important to note that a Low Risk scenario is defined by the fact that evidence of transmission occurs through these activities when certain conditions are met. In your scenario, the "certain conditions" would be if the condom was not used properly or if it broke during sex. Condoms help prevent the transmission of HIV, but they are not 100% effective, thus HIV transmission is a low possibility as the three components of the transmission equations could be met (1).

In regards to your second question you can be reassured that superficial cuts on your penis would not increase the HIV risk associated with receiving an unprotected hand job or unprotected oral sex. Please note that receiving unprotected oral sex is considered a negligible risk. This is because there is no evidence or no documented cases of transmission; however, there is a theoretical possibility of transmission under certain extenuating circumstances. These extenuating circumstances would be if the person performing the oral sex had a lot of blood mixed with saliva in their mouth (a highly unlikely occurrence).

Recommendation: Please refer to a health care provider for HIV testing if you have not already.


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