Hi, between mid november and mid january i put myself in the following risky (?) for hiv activities. Please, I am driving really crazy, I need immediately an advice since I see some symptoms..

1. i visited a couple of dominas, where they made use of strapons. In all cases, a new condom was used. In one of my visits, two things to consider: I gave oral sex to the domina (no ejaculation in my mouth) for 2 minutes + she spit in my mouth and made me swallow it.

2. I received oral sex from 3 different sex workers. I asked all of them if they had any STD and they replied negatively (can I be sure they didn't lie?). Two of the cases were deepthoats (does it change things if it was not?).

3. Yesterday (that is one week later after my last encounter) I had chills and fever, some muscle pains and now slowly moving to diarrhea. During the night, I sweat , but not a lot. One more thing to consider (I know it was stupid): the day flu-like symptoms occurred, I took a proper shower and then I left my apartment. It was a bit cold and windy outside but not too much. Do you think this may be the cause?

Please I need some advice on my potential risk. Any advice is highly appreciated. Just an objective assessment, i am driving really crazy, a lot of things come to my mind if i am hiv+.....I deeply thank you.
Hello and thank you for your questions. We are happy to help!

It sounds like you are very concerned about your potential risk and its association with your symptoms. I will outline the risks in the same way that you numbered your questions.

1. Sharing sex toys (strap-on) with a condom is considered a negligible risk. This means that there has never been a reported case of HIV that came from sharing sex toys in this manner. Giving oral sex is considered a low risk due to the possibility that HIV could have entered through your mouth. However, the risk is low because saliva in your mouth actually works to stop the transmission of HIV. This is why the domina spitting into your mouth is no risk, because saliva cannot carry HIV and helps to stop its transmission!

2. Receiving oral sex is considered a negligible risk. Deepthroating has no impact on HIV transmission. In regard to them having STDs, that is a separate risk. I recommend you visit to find more information about STIs. Keep in mind that sex workers often take great care of their health because of all the harms they might be exposed to. They often get tested regularly and do not carry STIs, contrary to what people might think. It is in their best interest to stay healthy and protected.

3. Here at the Helpline, we do not use symptoms to determine HIV status. This is because some people show them, others do not, and they often get confused with other illnesses like the flu. I recommend visiting your local healthcare professional to see if they can determine the cause of your symptoms.

Overall, I recommend an HIV and STI test due to the possibility of exposure. HIV tests are considered conclusive 84 days post exposure, but we recommend testing as soon as possible in order to get an idea of your status. Please let us know if we can help you find test sites in your area.

Try not to stress over the potential acquisition of HIV. We know it can be a scary virus, but with advancements in medicine, HIV+ people are living full life-spans and experiencing less difficulty! It is truly not a death sentence. In addition, try to remember that there is no risk for HIV if the people you engaged with did not have HIV to begin with.

I hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further clarification.

In health,


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