hi docfive days ago i had a girl in my hotel room to do a massage body to body one, i was nked and she was in her underwar, during the session , we did not had any sexual relation of any kind(no oral, anal,vagina or kissing), she was only rubbing her body againest mine while she was wearing her under ware, and we didnot do any sexual activity of any kind, during the massage i felt some fluide slipping on my anus,and she also massaged my penis with no ejaculation,but after she left, when i was taking a shower , i saw some thing like a boil or carbuncles(the one with white tip) in the lower part of my abdomen also i have the habbit of biting my lips so always my lips are wonded, the girl was offering me some pleasure with her which gave me an impression that she is not only a massage girl, and i realized that she is a sex worker too, and i started worrying about this and assume some of her body fluid could find its way to my body
Q- can this transfere the hiv to me?(i have heard that HIV could transfer through wound and un healthy skin ).
Q- does any body fluid could pass through that boil or carbuncles, e.g her brast milk, blood from non seen wond, vaginal fluid) Q-what if during the massage session her under ware slipped a littel bet and vagina flud came in contact with my body and find its way to the anus or the boil etc
Q- do i need to do testing? 
Hello and Thank You for Using the Vancouver AIDS Helpline as your source for HIV/AIDS related information.
Just to clarify, we are volunteers that work with the AIDS Vancouver orginization and not medical doctors.
I will try my best to address your questions in order.
1) Receiving a massage, even if it is sexual, does not transmit the HIV virus. Unprotected sex and needle sharing are the high risk activities that can more easily pass the virus from person to person. Even if your masseuse was HIV+, she would be unable to pass the virus to you via the activities that you described.
2)The HIV virus can, in theory, pass from an open bleeding cut into another person's open bleeding cut but there has only been one documented case of this occurring, and that was during a bloody knife fight with multiple stab wounds. Therefore, you do not have to be worried that HIV+ fluid entered the boil on your abdomen during this encounter.
3) The HIV virus needs to enter the bloodstream through a mucus membrane, the vagina, urethra or anus but can generally only do this when a high risk activity is involved. Even if your boil, or a mucus membranes came into contact with an HIV+ fluid, the virus is very fragile and dies within seconds when exposed to air. This is why HIV cannot be acquired through casual contact (for example toilet seats, shaking hands etc).
4) We recommend that everyone who is sexually active get tested regularly for HIV and other STI's. Now might be a good time to consider getting tested if you haven't done so before. If you are in the Vancouver area, here is a link with HIV testing site information and locations: This incident alone however is extremely unlikely to put you at risk of HIV acquisition.
Finally, it is important to note that just because someone is a sex worker does not necessarily mean they are more likely to have HIV. The virus does not discriminate based on race, age, gender, or creed, only by the activities people engage in. Sex workers are often more likely to be tested, and use protection consistently and properly and in doing so, they make their risk of acquiring HIV quite low. 
I hope this alleviates some of your anxiety. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.
Keep Healthy,
AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer
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