I think I had a possible exposure to HIV in Nov 25th 2014. I was in the movie theatre with girl looking extremely healthy. And did kissing, fingering to her. I used same hand to shake my penis. I kissed her on shoulders and took her boobs in mouth. But I did not do the anal oral or veginal sex. Almost a month later I started stomach pain in my a abdomain with passing stool almost 3 times a day. I was ok with it in Jan 2015 but from Feb the diarrhea started with watery tools with 3+ bowling movements in a day. I also had fever and sore throat for a week in Feb 2015. So I went to doctors and did tridot rapid test and hbs ag Elissa tests on March 1st 2015. Almost 90 days after the exposure but both tests resulted non reactive. I still have the diarrhea and it is getting worse. I did the stool test just on 13th April. It resulted as Pus cells as 8-10 hbf and Epithelial cells 3-4 hpf. Semi solid and ph acidic.nothing else . Now I don't have any symptoms than diarrhea. But it is worse. Doctors say I may have IBS D. I lost almost 5 kg in 4 months till now. I am so worried. And lossing weight Please help me with clarification.
Hello and thank you for contacting us at AIDS Vancouver, we are happy to help.

It sounds as though you are worried about an encounter that you had with a female which included kissing, fingering, and casual contact but NO insertive anal or vaginal sex. Hopefully the following information will help clarify some facts on HIV transmission and help put your mind at ease. Here at AIDS Vancouver we do not focus on symptoms because they can not be used as an indicator for HIV. For this reason I cannot speak about your symptoms that you have been experiencing, however I can discuss with you the different activities and their risk for HIV transmission.

1. Kissing- This does not transmit HIV because saliva actually contains an enzyme which inhibits HIV, therefore there is NO RISK of HIV transmission with this activity.

2. Fingering - This activity is considered to be a NEGLIGIBLE risk, which means that there has NEVER been a confirmed report of HIV transmission with this activity. The reason for this is that there is no direct access for the virus to enter your bloodstream.
You did mention that you used the same hand to touch your penis after fingering with your partner. It sounds like you may be concerned that her vaginal fluids may be on your hand, and you used the same hand to touch your penis. The HIV virus will actually die once it is exposed to air. In other words, even if there were vaginal fluids on your hand, this would not be a risk for HIV transmission when you touched your penis because there was no live virus on your hand.

The other behaviours that you mentioned (kissing on shoulder, putting breasts in your mouth) are also not behaviours that would cause HIV transmission, because there is no contact with bodily fluids or direct access to the bloodstream involved.

Although for the behaviours that you mentioned we would say that HIV testing is not necessary, you did mention that you took a rapid test and the ELISA test almost 90 days (3 months) after your exposure. Both of these tests are highly accurate, and after 3 months the ELISA test actually has an accuracy of 99.8%. Even if it has not been 3 months, after 4 weeks the test is still able to detect 95% of infections. It does not look like further testing would be needed for HIV if you received two negative results, however for the future we do recommend routine HIV testing for anyone that is sexually active.

I would reccomend that you discuss your symptoms of diarhea with your doctor, because it sounds as though you are very worried about this. Your health care professional will be able to give you a better understand of what may be causing your symptoms.

Thank you again for allowing us to help,


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