Hello to start of let me say I have never had vaginal or anal sex protected or unprotected. I have however had the following risk in the past few weeks.
1. 6 weeks ago kissing and strapon play with a girl (Dom), she did put a condom on strapon but it broken inside my anus. she told me that. I did go for pep because before we played with strapon and before the condom brok I asked her to was it which she did I heard the water running. She said she used soap and water on it. Soap might not be antibacterial.
2. Strapon condom protected and kissing 3 weeks ago
3. Received a condom protected bj from a TS
My concern it she rolled the condom down on my penis with her mouth assistance.
3 days ago, I came down with dry cough and fever. Fever lasted for 2 days and went away cough is still here. I also had headaches which sinus medication resolved. I googled and saw very scary info. What is my risk? Would soap and hot water killed hiv on strapon? Do I need a test? Would ARS fever be gone in 2 days
Hi there, thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver helpline with your HIV related questions and concerns. We're happy to help!

I will address your numbered points one by one below:

1) Kissing is a No Risk Activity (saliva doesn't transmit HIV and saliva also contains a protective enzyme against HIV).
Using shared sex toys with a condom is a Negligible Risk. This means that although you can technically make a case for it, there hasn't been any reported cases of transmissions like this. This is because HIV cannot survive outside of the body, so any bodily fluids on the toy, the virus would become damaged and inactivated and would no longer be transmissible.

2) Same risk levels as above

3) Receiving oral sex is a Negligible Risk, however, this is referring to unprotected oral sex. If you received protected sex, this could essentially be thought of as No Risk, the rolling of the condom down onto your penis shouldn't have an effect on this.

We don't go by symptoms to classify/diagnose HIV as they are very vague and mimic other viral infections like the flu. Therefore, the symptoms you're describing could be attributed to just about anything, and therefore testing is the only way to know. HIV acute symptoms, if they do occur, typically occur between 2-6 weeks and last for a few days. However, since your risk was between No Risk and Negligible Risk, there's no need for you to test for this specific situation you described.

Also, soap/hot water would kill HIV but isn't even necessary to kill it as just mere exposure to air/the environment will kill HIV.

I hope this helped! Please check out this webpage for more great transmission information:



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