I am scared I have potentially been put at risk of HIV. I was out drinking with my sports team and I went to the toilet leaving my drink unattended. I left the drink around 1/3 full (pint glass). Came back not realising that I had done so and came back to nearly a full drink. I was then informed after I had necked half of it that two of my team mates had thrown up in the drink and 1 or more had urinated in it as well as pouring some vodka in it. I was distraught spat out whatever I had in my mouth (although I had already ingested a good few mouthfuls) and then ran to the toilet where I threw up for a good 5 minutes. I am just wondering what was my possible exposure to HIV if any? What would happen if there was blood in these bodily fluids. Would the other liquids within the environment impact possible HIV transmission in any way?I also realised the next day that my wisdom tooth was coming through does this change things?

This was on the 1st of October the next day I had a sore throat which has persisted till now and seems to hurt most when I swallow. I have a runny nose which has been present for quite a while now and for the last 4 days I have had frequent headaches that last long periods of time and sore legs, could this possibly be due to anxiety/stress? I had my last test for HIV 4th generation on the 18th of September and have not had any sexual encounters since then or any within the window period of 4 weeks before I took the test which came back negative. Does this situation I have found myself in regarding the consumption of this drink mean that I must wait till the 28 day mark to go for another test.

I have also never engaged in needle drug use.

I am suffering from a lot of stress and worry over this issue so I am hoping to get the issue resolved promptly.

Thank you in advance
Hello and thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline regarding HIV/AIDS related information.

There was no exposure to HIV because vomit and urine don't carry HIV. HIV doesn't survive when it has been exposed to air, it needs to have access to a host in order to pose a risk. Blood is not an issue here because it has already been exposed to air. Other liquids or substances would not affect transmission in this situation. The wisdom tooth has nothing to do with HIV.

The symptoms you have described are not necessarily related to HIV and could be due to stress or anxiety. If they continue to persist, I would encourage you to see a healthcare professional. It is great to hear that you have been getting tested. Though the drink doesn't pose a risk, I would encourage you to get retested at the 84 day or 3 month mark, so that you know your results are conclusive regarding your previous test.

I hope that you feel better now that I have answered your questions.

I trust that I have addressed all of your concerns, should you feel the need to ask something else, feel free to contact us again.

In health,

AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer


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