i recently witnessed the one of the most regretful moment in my life.i went to a massage parlour on 8 july (due to peer pressure) , had a body to body massage where she applied some sort of cream on my penis and started rubbing her upper part of body and stomach.I was tensed and ejacuated within minutes. i was terrified from that very moment whether my penis had brushed or rubbed her vagina or maybe penetrated her (i'm still a virgin so i have no idea how does it feel to be inside) , on 11th july i started experiencing hot body but not more than 99.4 f , night sweats ,white tongue and mostly it remained normal.i was in anxiety from that very moment , on 13th july i had a hiv test which came back negative (i wasn't aware of window period).i checked myself to a local med , he told me i having a minor viral and prescribed me medicines on 15th july. Fever(reoccuring) subsided till 18th but i had fatigue and body aches till 23 0r 24 (maybe side effects of meds) .But still anxiety was not letting me sleep , i visited the parlour again and ask her about her status she told me its no risk and was wearing a brief(but i dont remember that).i requested her to show me her past hiv report , next day she showed it to me it was 3 months old and negative. on 25 july i was completely feeling normal till i read about swollen glands and started checking on them , i didn't notice them initially but i guess after rigorous checking i guess i irritated two nodes , in my neck and other between neck and shoulder and now i can feel them they are elastic and does not cause pain(the only symptom i'm facing) .Anxiety is killing me that how the hell can i have hiv . please suggest me if i m at risk or are these ARS symptoms.i know its foolish but i m panicking like hell please help me with your valuable expertise.
Another thing happened on 5th july when barber was shaving me via blade behind my neck , he kind of cut him on finger , he noticed it for 5 or 6 secs and continued . i didn'nt paid much attention to it and after 3 days massage parlour thing happened.I'am just thinking of all the possible scenarios

Hello and thank you for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline!

It sounds like you are concerned about the likelihood of acquiring HIV from the described scenario.

From what you have told me, it sounds like you are dealing with a great deal of anxiety due to this sexual experience. Here at AIDS Vancouver, we are volunteers who possess knowledge on HIV, but do not have the same credentials as a medical professional. If these symptoms continue to be a prevalent issue then it might be best to partner with your personal doctor so that these symptoms can be addressed in a proper and timely fashion. When it comes to HIV, it is not the individual, but the actions that place one at risk of acquiring HIV. In the described scenario, it does not sound like there was any unprotected vaginal sex. Secondly, your partner simply performed a hand-job which is distinguished as a No Risk activity. Furthermore, you took the proper steps and requested her HIV report, which stated that she was negative for HIV.

In regard to your barber, HIV is fragile and once exposed to air it is damaged to the point where it is no longer transmissible. Thus, one is unable to acquire HIV from inanimate objects that may be exposed to HIV positive fluids. Due to you not having any deep open wounds and the blood being exposed to air immediately, you would be at a Negligible Risk of acquiring HIV.

Below I have posted a copy of an HIV Transmission Equation Chart, which goes into further detail on the necessary factors that are required for one to be at risk of acquiring HIV.


---------- -------- ----------------------------
• blood (including menstrual) • unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse • vagina
• semen • sharing needles • anus
• pre-cum • mother to child (in specific cases) • urethra in the penis
• rectal secretions • open cuts and sores (in theory)
• vaginal fluids • other mucosal membranes
• breast milk • points of needle injection
For more information on HIV you can visit [HIV Basics](


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