This thing makes me paranoid for quite a long time. I went to Pattaya last year, and it's October 12, I remember it clearly. I went to the massage parlour with my friend. Pa
rticularly, this parlour is close to red light district. We went to 3rd floor of the massage parlour, and it definitely contains oral sex and whatsoever from seeing and asking those Messieurs. We originally wanted to have sex but actually no because it needs to pay more money. And we were running out of cash, so just ordered an ordinary massage assuming it has oral sex but actually no. Anyway, the 3rd floor to my impression is bleak with 3 separated chambers with showing room. each room has a massage bed, and the masseur put the towel on the bed mattress and another one hung on the wall to let me wipe my body but I didn't use it, instead, i used my shirt to wipe my body after a showering. And then I was lying with face down on that mattress that my penis touched the towel for approximate 10 min (I was naked). And then I turned around, she continued to have casual oil massage. total procedure is about 20 min, and in fact I was disputing with her why this massage only has so short time (originally should be 45), obviously I was cheated. After the end of massage, i took a shower and then just generated a sense of fearfulness about that towel. What I noticed when going down the floor is that I saw the towels werepiled together like just rinsed. This released me a lot when I try to remember this thing. 
That night I was extremely fearful, perhaps first time in my life. the next day I had dizziness and no appetite and those symptoms lasted someday and ended few days. However, two weeks after October 12, I just coincidentally had dizziness again and it lasted two weeks. In these two weeks, I remember one day I was focusing sth and strangely the symptoms disappeared for a sudden. I asked some docs they said I am totally fine and i worried too much that triggered my mental illness. I think so. But just cannot get rid of it. I went back to my hometown this year, and it definitely helped me a lot living with my relatives, I almost forgot this thing happened, but today my brain just aroused it again and it pused me to write sth on this website, I just want to get more confirmed answer. 
I did test by my self after 5 days and 2 weeks after October 12, but the testing paper is 3 generation which needs to test after 3 weeks, so I did a saliva test 8 weeks after oct 12, it shows negative. But I think my testing procedure was not right, I splited my saliva a little to the diluent.
Pretty much about it. I also asked medhelp and people said no rish whatsoever. 
these time for me is a hardship, and I did see tons of papers about this virus. Luckly, a person worked in Seattle hospital for years researching this virus, that it will break its crust quickly after exposing to the air and immediately not threaten or infectious to people. My penis foreskin, I just worry this one.


Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about the risk of transmission of HIV from laying naked on a towel. From the information given, this scenario is determined to be No Risk (transmission of HIV is not possible in the given scenario).

The scenario mentioned above does not meet the three components of the transmission equation. In order for HIV to be transmitted, fluids (such as blood, semen or vaginal fluids) must have direct access to your bloodstream through activities such as sharing needles, or unprotected sex. The CDC has shown that HIV does not survive for long outside the body and when exposed to oxygen it quickly undergoes a reduction in concentration (1). HIV also cannot replicate outside of the human host (2). Therefore, any fluids that theoretically may have been present on the towel would have been exposed to oxygen, rendering the virus inactive.

Recommendation: No need for HIV test with the scenario provided, refer to a healthcare professional for other health related questions.


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1.) Survival of HIV in the Environment.
2.) HIV Transmission Basics.



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