I got tested for HIV in a rapid test and I came out negative. But now I am worried about the testing procedure they followed and i am very afraid.

In my below explanation, by "CAPILLARY TUBE" i mean the one that is used to suck the blood after finger prick.

Testing procedure they did to me is: At first I talked to the lady at the testing site for like 10 minutes and then to test she opened the packet of the testing kit in front of me and placed the thin capillary tube with no cover on a "special platform" (seems like an absorb cloth) horizontally. Then, the lady finger pricked me, used the capillary tube to touch the blood on my finger and get the blood sample and placed the capillary tube again on the same special platform.

My worry is, when she placed the capillary tube on that special platform before she got my blood sample, there might be some blood stains (wet or dry) on the special platform from previous testee that might come in contact with my capillary tube before drawing my sample and if so, please tell me if i need to worry of HIV transmission??? I noticed capillary tube's end-part where the blood is sucked into, is not actually coming in contact with the special platform, but not sure if that end-part of capillary tube was in contact with special platform while is putting in/ taking out of the special platform. I am sorry to be worried so much here, but my concern is she is using same platform to place capillary tubes before and after drawing the blood sample for previous testees too and since my capillary is also placed before and after drawing blood sample on the same platform, it is terrifying me inside. In this case will there be a chance of transmission? Please help me.

Thank you so much for your reply!
Hi there, and thanks a lot for your question to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline for your HIV/AIDS related health information. You seem concerned about the possibility of HIV being transmitted during a testing procedure. We're happy to answer your question for you.

From what we understand of your question, you seem concerned that part of the testing procedure may result in HIV being transmitted. You're worried that what you're referring to as a capillary tube may have come into contact with some fluids on a surface prior to being used for your test. We can say with certainty that this is a no risk situation for a number of reasons. The main reason why this is no risk is that HIV does not survive on surfaces exposed to the environment. If there was any fluid on that surface, any virus contained within it would be rendered unable to transmit after it was exposed to the air. Second, consider how professional the person administering the test is. Do you think they would put you at risk through their testing procedure? They are highly trained individuals that would absolutely not put you at any risk. If you have these kinds of questions in the future, we'd encourage you to speak to the person administering the test to ease your concerns.

Thanks a lot for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline with your question. We hope we have answered it fully.


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